Sweaty Bands Fitness Headband – Home Run Baseball White, Red 1″


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Sweaty Bands no-slip headbands are the perfect choice to transition from the gym to the real world. These look great on everybody and really, truly, seriously don’t slip off your head. We especially like these for yoga, but they are comfortable enough to wear for any sport and cute enough to pair with any outfit. One size fits most (ages 7 and up). Velvet color may vary from color shown.Includes: 1 Sweaty Band Headband
Headbands stay in place and do not slip! – Easy Care! – Made in the USA! – Makes a Great Gift!
Features Comfortable Elastic, Snug Fit, Self-Gripping, Flexible construction, Non-Slip Grip
Works with all Hair Types
Please note : Velvet color may vary from product image shown

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