Tablet PC For Under $200


Yes you read the title correctly, a tablet PC for less than200 bucks. It is the new CherryPad America from Californian based ‘green’ PC manufacturer “Cherrypal”

Cherrypal’s corporate ethos is that less is more and they aim to build PCs that have less energy consumption, less waste and fewer components which they say will help ensure that more resources are available for future generations. This less is more principle follows through to the pricing of their products too.

The CherryPad  is priced at just $188 and has been designed for users that are looking for an affordable, powerful, high quality, and low energy-consuming tablet computer. Running on Google’s Android 2.1 operating system, the CherryPad is powered by the fast Samsung ARM11800 MHz processor and runs all Android applications.

The CherryPad America uses a 7 inch resistive touch widescreen display at 800×480 resolution with a built-in gravity sensor. It includes 256 MB of DDRII RAM, 2 GB NAND Flash memory, a Micro SD reader, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.

The CherryPad also features standard I/O ports that include USB 2.0 supported by an external adapter, a headphone jack, built-in speakers and microphone. For power the CherryPad America uses a Polymer 3200 MAH battery that has a run time of around 6-8 hours. The tablet device weighs just 1.1 pounds and has a sturdy aluminum case. All for just $188!

The CherryPad America is definitely not an iPad killer but instead targets the sub-iPad market and has been designed for consumers who are after a lower cost, more compact tablet PC but with the ability to run Android.

What About a Tablet PC for under £40?

In India the world’s cheapest tablet PC was unveiled by the Indian Human Resource Development minister Kapil Sibal, this ‘poor man’s iPad’ is expected to be priced at just $35! This tablet device is scheduled for release for students and teachers initially but could be made available to consumers more widely.

This Linux operated touch screen tablet will boast many of the functions of a high-end tablet but with slower speeds and lesser memory. Even at $35 this tablet is packed with features like Internet browsing facility, PDF reader, video conferencing and computing abilities like Open Office. The tablet will be able to play both stored and streamed media files.

Source by Hendrik Dimter

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