Taking Care of Your Health


According to World  Health  Organization, definition of  health  is ‘ Health  is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity’. Taking care of your  health  is a very broad term, comprising your physical  health , mental and psychosocial  health .

To get a better  health , three things are important – regular exercise, adequate and balanced diet and proper sleep.

It is useless saying much about the value of exercise in our  health . We have to maintain a normal body weight. The only way to accomplish this is the combination of exercise and diet. To begin with, lets have a look, how can you exercise properly.

There is no need to go for an extensive workout program, neither it is important for any food supplementation to lose or gain weight. Experts say that in more than 95% of cases, the efficacy of food supplementation is doubtful. All you need is to a rational exercise plan and devotion towards exercising regularly. You may join a multi-gym or you can have your own set up at your home. In my opinion, the second choice is better as you will be having the privacy. Some lifestyle modifications will do better. You can try the following –

o Engage yourself in those hobbies that require frequent sitting ups like painting and gardening.

o Try doing extra chores of jobs around your garden and house. You can spend just 15-30 minutes more than your usual routine.

o While watching your favorite shows on television, riding a static bicycle is a good option.

o Park your car as far as possible in your workplace, then take a brisk walk.

o Take your pet for regular walks.

o Try to avoid cars or bikes while going to nearer destinations like your departmental store and coffee shop.

o Actively take part in social gatherings. Do more works than others.

o While spending quality time with the children, you can play some outdoor games.

o While going for a night out, dancing in a discotheque is better than sitting with your friends with wines and alcohol.

o Don’t take the elevator while going to 2nd or 3rd floor, use the stairs.

o Do not e-mail to your fellow coworkers in the same office; instead personally visit them with a smile. It will lift your PR (Personal Relation) also.

Balanced diet means that it should contain all the nutrients in optimum quality and quantity. Take green leafy vegetables, fruits, cereals and grains as much as possible. Better to avoid the refined white wheat flour, rice or sugar. The more the food is processed, the less is the nutritious value. Whole grain flour is always better as it gives the required fiber. Avoid taking alcohol, tea or coffee. Abstinence from tobacco is a must to take care of your  health . Avoid fried ‘convenient food’ as it will add much fat to your daily diet.

A healthy person should sleep at least 6-8 hours in a day. It helps to release the tension and fatigue. We often work for more than two days continuously and then take some uninterrupted sleep for 8-10 hours. This is also bad for our  health . Regular and adequate sleep is important.

Source by Carlisle Holm

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