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 Art  can be defined as something that is suitable or not, comfortable or uncomfortable, good or bad,  art  can also be a means to convey a sense, stories, imagination, personality, or experience.  Art  became a means of realizing the imagination and feelings into concrete form as an aesthetic appearance.

 Art  will be more fun if realized through the process of designing, structuring, processing, or regulation. Millions of even an infinite number of types and kinds of  art  that was performed can we meet in life, sound  art ,  art  forms,  art  movement,  art  colors,  art  flavors, or other  arts .  Art  can be a means of interaction with the environment, sharing spiritual experiences with many people without having to know each other.  Art  synonymous with beauty, but now the idea of “beauty” itself becomes very wide and varied. As the times, the notion of “beautiful” tends to mean that  art  should not look pretty. Now the meaning of  art  is more to the emotional honesty and intellectual exploration of the experiences that come in life and fantasy. Sometimes only in passing as spills, splashes, scratches or spontaneity as meaningless and vague. But behind it all is a lot of stories and meanings that are very attractive for life. We need to know that  art  can never be separated from everyday life, as human beings with reason and the mind has more capabilities than other creatures of His creation, the human design and the beauty of function into a stunning combination, such as the obligation to cover a taboo and also as a cultural form of social interaction, because then people can live civilized, mutual respect, appreciate and certainly can distinguish humans from other creatures of His.

Human activities that interact with each other, make connections, and mingle with other human demands, a lot of  art  here involved.  Art  in the association, the  art  of how to dress and  art  in other activities. Differences in how people use the emotional and intellectual in his community, not directly put a man into the status and specific groups. Although not stated orally or in writing but this is nature, and this happens in everyday life. As a simple example “A person who uses his time in front of the mirror for hours, set up well and as beautiful as possible from head to foot, adjust clothing to makeup and other accessories as well as complementary, with the aim to please himself, his family and also to look more comfortable and appropriate in the association community. This is exactly the same as the imagination of an artist who poured in a painting. The only difference is the media, but the source remains the same exploration. consistency in the way of everyday life, will not be much different from the creation of works of  art , whether it manifested into works of  art , dance, voice, theater  arts , or other artistic works.

Basically The  art  is:

“..The spiritual journey of collectivity of human interaction with the media and the universe through the senses….”

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Source by Edi Saksono

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