Technological Changes and Your Business, What Should You Expect?


In the current world, technology is taking over in almost all fields. Many companies and organizations have shifted to use of resource management software in order to better their services. This software relieves the company the burden of having to handle various tasks manually since it can do the following:-

  • Forecasting and Visual Resource Planning- The daily schedule is optimized on a touch screen. It thus becomes very easy to manage and allocate responsibilities within an organization. This is done through spotting those who are available within the organization. After getting the number of both clients and employees available, the software schedules upcoming projects and allocates the time they will take. In the whole process, no data entry is required thus saves on time.
  • Time Sheet Management Module- This software provides a personalized page for each employee. On this page, the time allocated for each project is displayed. This makes it possible for the workforce to plan for the tasks they are supposed to undertake. Through proper planning, they are able to give quality services.
  • Swipe in & out- There is a status bar which indicates the project every employee is working on. Through this board, all the employees can have a visual status of the whole company. This helps in creating team work spirit since employees can access the status of their work mates and offer some assistance if needed.
  • Status of Projects- It provides project pages where the current plans and progress of various projects are displayed. As a manager, you are able to make necessary changes. The best part is that the moment you make these changes, their influence on the timing and budget is displayed instantly.
  • Real-time Business Analytics- This software offers visual reports about all the projects. These reports give a general overview about the company’s utilization of various available resources. This gives room for management of profitability. With just a few clicks, one can customize and filter data. This saves time since there is no need of waiting for the financial department to run financial reports.
  • Interactive Knowledge Platform- One is able to access projects history so as to identify the one who worked on them. One can also learn from his/her experience through searching for a portfolio of various projects plans. This helps the workers improve and better their skills through utilization of this readily available information.
  • Creation of Project Teams- To do this using the software, you have to first make a list of all the resources you require to execute a project. Next, use the Resource Scheduling software to allocate resources to every project. This helps you come up with distinct project teams. With separate project teams, it becomes very easy to achieve all your objectives.
  • Tracking of Resources- It has a Resource Planning Dashboard which helps one to keep an eye on the project as it progresses. It tells you whether the resources are being utilized efficiently or not. The total effort which is spent is also displayed on the dashboard. Senior personnel in charge of the project can see how busy the workforce is just from his/her office without having to move around.

There are various advantages to an efficient resource planning software which are:-

  1. Visibility of all the crucial activities across all the departments. This enables easy monitoring of employees by the senior personnel.
  2. Automatic and coherent work-flow from one department to another to ensure smooth completion of processes.
  3. Smooth completion of tasks. This is due to coherent and automated workflow across departments.
  4. Uniformity of reports. Ensures single and uniform reporting system which analyses statistics across all the departments.
  5. Economical. The same software is used in all departments thus there is no need of buying separate software for each department.
  6. Allows e-commerce integration. This makes it possible to deal with web-based order processing.
  7. Consists of many modules such as Human Resource Management, Management, Supply Chain, Finance, Marketing, Project Management and many others. You can implement all these modules to better the services of your company.
  8. Data backup is possible. A single database is used to store information needed for future reference.

There are many drawbacks to the companies who may not be using such software as it is being termed as the future of resource management by many analysts. Some of the common challenges include:-

  1. Use of manual data entry is very tiring and time-consuming.
  2. Difficulty in monitoring progress of its operations. The senior personnel have to move across department to the see how the workers are faring on. This is a total wastage of time.
  3. Late completion of company’s processes. Since the company has to undertake most of its operations manually there are high chances of delayed projects.
  4. Losses due to poor resource management and allocation. Human errors are likely to arise during resource allocation which may later cost the company.
  5. High expenditure on human resource. The software helps reduce the number of workers that you need for you company. Without it simply means that you need to hire more workers to handle the tasks it was supposed to undertake.

Source by David Hog

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