Technology and Today’s Kids – The Eyes of the World


My distaste for  technology  may be due to the fact that I grew up in the country, no access to the outside world through telephone, internet, or television. My kids are aghast as I tell them the story of Mommy’s techie-less childhood, pity filling their eyes as I speak of a life isolated. Even as I try to reassure them that I liked it that way, they shake their heads in disbelief, appalled that their grandparents would submit my siblings and I to a life without the windows of the world looking in.

That’s correct, you heard me right – no TV, no Wii, no DVD player, no Blueray thingamajig. No internet access, no cell phones – heck, no phone at all! We lived in the “boondocks” as Dad lovingly called them, dry, harsh desert lands just north of the Mexico – Arizona border. Eight siblings, we were each other’s best frenemies. We were fierce kids, smart kids, and always healthy kids. The outdoors was our playground, and living in the country, there was plenty enough for everyone! We ran, built forts, kept pets, caught lizards, and rode our bikes everywhere.

Then one year, our innocence was interrupted, and we became the new owners of a much-loved Nintendo game console. It came into our lives when I was about thirteen, and from that point on, we suffered from “Mario addiction.” I can still whistle the theme music…doo doo doo, doo doo do doood! After a couple of weeks, though, the novelty of it wore off, and we were soon back outside – running and romping and creating.

That was my only brush with  technology  and its power as a child – and I sometimes envy those innocent days of ignorant bliss. Fast forward to today – I run a full-fledged internet business, happily most days, frustratingly on others. I continue to believe in the usefulness of Facebook, Twitter and texting for communication purposes and business networking – though NONE of those programs are my friend. I am unceasingly surprised at the openness of folks on the internet, and especially appalled at what comes out of the mouths, err, keyboards – of “Christians” across the net, especially on Facebook! Call me old-fashioned, and you bet your bippie, you’d be right. Call me a prude – right again! Chalk it all up to growing up in a home where our mother’s jaw would drop if one of us said “deodorant” in “mixed” company!

I guess my point to all this jibber jabber is that I wonder where the personal discretion has gone. Yes, I get it –  technology  is here to stay, it’s a good thing for business and growth, yada yada. I am finally getting pretty excited about that opportunity, too. My question is just this – with the eyes of the world upon us Christians in a more highly exposed way than ever before, what are we going to do with this opportunity?

I’m not by any means suggesting we put a Scripture on every Facebook post, or use Twitter to put 140 character mini-sermons into cyberspace! I am merely questioning the usage of what is before us as a tool to reach dozens, no hundreds – actually, thousands for Christ! Not just in a “Holy” way, but in tangible ways, too. What about just being a positive encourager on the web? Maybe just keeping some “moods” and anger issues at “you know who’s” at bay, or even privately deal with them before God rather than on the world-wide web! I don’t know, I’m “just sayin!”

I guess I have to realize that my kids are growing up in a time very different from my own childhood. I don’t fear for them though, they serve the same God I did! I just want them to use what is before them as a tool for Kingdom purposes, rather than a stress buster or mood release for themselves. I just want them to realize that there are consequences for everything we do, including for what we know to do, and then choose not to do! I guess I just want them to remember, online and off, that the eyes of the world are upon them.

Source by Bess Blanco

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