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If you have been thinking of purchasing and iPod for some time now, with the release of the new iPod MP3 player it is now time for you to make your purchase. This is because these new iPods are lighter and thinner than they have ever been before. However, the biggest model still has 80GB of memory. This model is actually still much smaller than the smallest walkman that was ever available in the past.

What You Should Know About Video – If you are looking to purchase an iPod for its great video, then you will not be disappointed. The iPod video is not just for kids either. With your iPod player you can do more than listen to music, you can also watch many of your favorite shows, music videos and full length movies. All you have to do is download it into a central location so that you can easily access it whenever you are ready. You will then find that the larger screen that is now available with the latest version of the iPod will make it easier and much more enjoyable to watch your videos. Another great thing that you can do is download audio books and other audio files. Once you get yourself all set up, you may actually be surprised by just how great your iPod really is.

The Great Things That You Can Purchase For Your iPod – You should also know that there are a lot of iPod accessories available as well. Some of the accessories that are now available include: a universal clock, a contact book and a lot of different games that you will enjoy playing. You can also store your favorite photos on your iPod now so that you will have them with you whenever you would like to show them off. These photos can be stored in full size thumbnails, which you can then organize into slide shows.

There are a lot of great advantages to owning the latest version of the iPod. This is because there have been so many great improvements that have been made with this version. For this reason almost everyone will discover that this is a very appealing iPod.

Add to it the wide variety of choices that you will have for entertainment and the battery that holds 20 hours of life, which is very important if you are going to be using your iPod everyday, and you will find that this is a very nice iPod indeed. Of course, there are also some drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage to this new version of the iPod is that the surface can be easily scratched. However, as this is the only real drawback to this version of the iPod, you should still go ahead and make your purchase. You will simply need to be a little more careful with how you use it.

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