Technology Choices for the Home Security System


Home security systems have changed over the years and  technology  has made them easier to use and more efficient.  Technology  choices for the home security system have made it possible to have an alarm system in any residence. Not every residence is a new home, which means that the hard wired system might not be an option, but there is a wireless system that can be used instead. Houses that have walls made of plaster, or a rental unit are not candidates for an alarm system where the wires are placed inside of the walls. This family does not need to be concerned about safety, because the wireless system will work perfectly to provide the same protection.

There is motion lighting that  technology  has helped, because in earlier years motion lighting would flip on and off during the night, often keeping the family awake. This type of lighting was so sensitive that if an animal walked near the home it would turn the lighting on, but now  technology  has taken incidences of pets and other animals that it does not turn on. People, even when crawling are not lucky enough for the lighting to stay off, because this was all taken into account when developing motion lighting.

Outdoor cameras is another option that can work with the alarm system to make it even better and more of a threat to the criminal that would like to break-in. These are cameras that are mounted on the home and that can move, which means the criminal would have their 15 minutes of fame and it is the last thing they want. These cameras are possible to watch the home on a computer, even when away on a business trip or vacation.

One of the great options for home security systems is the key chain pad, this is a way to arm and disarm the alarm system, whether it is a wired or wireless system. It is perfect for remembering to arm the system when leaving home; it is great when carrying groceries, school books or anything else to disarm the alarm. Plus, it means no running for the wall pad to disarm the system before there is a false alarm sent to the monitoring center. This is easy for children and teens to use and carry without losing it, because most are used to having a key chain with the door key.

The home security system and the  technology  that has helped it move forward did not just stop with safety from criminals, it is possible for the family to have safety from smoke and fire and medical monitoring. These are all ways to keep the family safe, because the monitoring center will alert the authorities when there is smoke or fire, even when no one is home. They will send medical emergency personnel when there is a medical alert. This is a way  technology  has really made a difference in protection of the family for the better and in ways that protects the entire family.

Source by Bill Ray

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