Technology in Schools is of Ultimate Importance


Technology has changed the lives of all human beings. It has brought revolution to the way we communicate and the way we carry on with our work. With time, nearly all working sectors functioning on this earth are influenced with technology. Technology has made many things possible that weren’t thought possible before for instance taking a trip to the moon or exploring the depths of the sea. Millions daily are reaping profits on technology. However, one sector that is lacking behind in the use of technology are the educational institutes and the schools curriculums.

Today the world is the world of technology. A child ever since is born is exposed to technology from saga games to remote controlled cars and internet games to iPods and MP3 players. The truth is that children are growing up in world that is very different from the world parents or grandparents grew in. they get excited by technology and are motivated by technology. This aspect is however ignored by those who make the school curriculums. They do not pay much attention to introducing technology in the subjects. As a result the subjects are much deprived of one thing kids are truly fond of: technology. Children find the subjects boring, devoid of any interesting and challenging and thus lose interest in their studies.

Research has shown that technology creates many useful impacts on the students. Firstly, it prepares the students for the realistic world outside the classroom. When the students go into professional life they are not dumbfounded at looking at the technology, rather they are prepared as they know how to use it and make the best use out of it. They display impressive traits by making proper and effective use of the technology, thus success comes easy to them.

Technology opens many doors for the students. The first major thing it does is that it generates extreme interest of the students. The forums present online for the students, motivate them to discuss their subjects with the other forum members and get rid of any confusions regarding the subject. There are also forums and discussion boards that promote student teacher coordination. The teacher can leave her lectures or notes on the website and give her students access to it, or even give them online tutoring during the examination days when school is closed.

Students should be taught to make proper uses of the resources available online so that they can make better assignments or gather useful material for their exams. They should also be taught how to solve problems online and how to make creative strategies, this is definitely help them in the future life.

Of course, schools are always limited in budget and they cannot blindly introduce all kinds of technology in the school, as technology needs constant upgrading and maintenance which is costly. As an effective step, the school administration should start with one technology at a time. When benefits start reaping from that particular technology they should move to the next one.

Technology in schools is of ultimate importance, but the school administration should be careful to not to expose anything harmful to the students. Special care should be taken on the kind of websites students have access to in the school.

Source by Henry Jeon

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