Technology: Turn It Off And Focus On The Love


There are so many distractions that take away from our precious time with our loved ones, especially our other half. Here are just a few examples.

Television, TiVo, On Demand, Hulu.

What ever happened to just regular ‘ole TV being the downfall of the family unit? It’s been upgraded with innovations such as On Demand and Hulu. You can now spend hours on end watching every episode, from every Season of HBO’s Entourage through your cable’s On Demand service.

Sony PlayStation, Wii, Xbox.

Video games have come a long way since Atari and Nintendo Game Boy but some men are still acting like they’re 12 when it comes to playing Madden. There seems to be a personal mission for them to beat their rival football team, in virtual reality.

iPod Touch, iPhone, iTunes, Smartphones.

Remember pagers and two-ways? How about portable CD players or Walkman? None of these have anything on the new world of Smartphones. Oh, the things we can now do with our mobile phone! You can send a text and then have an app read the reply to you, catch the football game, watch a movie, make a video, edit your website and deposit money into your bank account – from anywhere, all on your mobile device. Not quite sure if you can actually make a telephone call though.

Online web surfing.

The mindless hours that one can spend on the world wide web, searching Google, reading yahoo news, watching You Tube videos and mostly closing pop up ads.

Social media phenomenon.

Facebook and Twitter can eat up so much valuable time. Who really cares about your Mafia Wars score or FarmVille? No, seriously, who cares? As my mom likes to say, “He was like that before you married him.” Yep, it’s part of a man’s DNA. Sports, sex and doing nothing. You probably remember this behavior from your shacking-up days. He hung out with his boys all day Saturday playing PlayStation until someone’s girlfriend or wife called them home because it was 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Remember, marriage doesn’t make you a different person. We are who we are. Break up his obsession with today’s technology by trying a few of the tips below to shift his attention to connecting with you.

Get Naked – break his concentration from watching or playing games. If this doesn’t grab his attention, then check his pulse ’cause he might not be amongst the living.

Watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game with him but negotiate kisses or a feel up for each touchdown that his team makes.

Play a few games of strip Madden. The loser has to take off a piece of clothing. Bet you won’t make it two games.

Text him love notes throughout the day. Build up anticipation for an after work surprise. A candlelit dinner, followed by a bubble bath!

It’s healthy for married individuals to have their own hobbies, past-times and a break to veg out and forget about the stress of life but when these things start to become a routine and take away from your relationship, then it’s time to intervene. But before you sign him up for the show, Intervention on A&E, use a few of the suggestions above to grab his attention.

Get naked this Sunday right before the first afternoon game and just stand in front of the t.v. Make sure the kids are taking their afternoon nap. No need in sending them to therapy later in life.

What are some of YOUR technology distractions? Share them below.

Source by Jennifer L Conner

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