Teeth Whitening,ZJchao Multifunction Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser Teeth Polishing Plaque Remover Dental Tool with LED Light – AAAA Battery Include


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Better Feeling, Brighter Smile
teeth whitening Stain Eraser designed by professional dentists conducts a decent performance on teeth cleaning and whitening. It will Keep you away from Teeth Calculus, Teeth Plaque, cigarette/tea Stain and etc. Looking forward to wearing a confident smile? The Sonic teeth whitening Stain Eraser is here for you!

Erase what you dislike
Plaque, Food leftovers, stain from tobacco/tea/coffee can be reduced or improved a lot with the 30,000 strokes Sonic Eraser together with the Whitening Tooth Paste after use it two weeks above ; the 5w LED light can help you reach to every corner you want to check

Multiple Function
It comes with 3 heads for different use. Besides removing the leftovers to keep teeth clean, it can also help whiten teeth and massage gum, the vibration to the gum can help regulate the blood circulation around your oral to keep white and healthy teeth.


★ Default mode is steady OFF.

★ Press 1 time the button, the LED light will be ON

★ Press 2 times the button, the LED light is ON and Vibration is also ON

Please note : to turn on product caps, Remove the insulation of paper, twist the cover complying with the direction of the arrow,then you can use normallyHigh efficiency:the earser head of 30 thousand times per minute with high-speed acoustic vibration enable remove teeth stain, polish teeth and massage gums easily; the built-in LED light can help you find out the exact place of stain and clean it for just press the power button
Teeth Whitening:30,000 strokes sonic vibration stain erasing motion onto the surface of the teeth stain Together With Whitening Tooth Paste, after use it two weeks above,you can see the stain and tartar reduce or improvement,only one time use have Little or No Effect.this product also can Prevent of dental plaque and dental calculus, if you insist on using
Three different heads option:Pointed soft eraser with massage function;Tip Grinding Stone with dental calculus removing function; and the Round Grinding Stone with teeth surface polishing function
After receiving the product, you can see the direction of the arrow at the top are aligned, you need to turn 90 degrees to the right take off the lid and Remove the Insulation Paper, and then put the small iron piece according to the original direction and re-inserted press down, then twist to the left about 90 degrees so that the top of the arrow to realign, ready for use
Package includes: Sonic teeth whitening stain eraser Handdle,Soft Head (H-MSDE-003), Cleaning Head (H-MSDE-001), Polishing Head (H-MSDE-002),Single AAAA 1.5V battery,User manual

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