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If you are looking for a way to quickly learn the basics of tennis, you would be happy to know there is a lot of different ways to deal with the problem. You can always hire a tennis coach, although that would probably not be the cheapest way to go. There are also a lot of online tennis guides and tutorials to help you, often with the same price (or less) as one tennis lesson with a professional tennis coach. I’ve tried a few online tennis tutorials, and I’d be happy to share some information about tennis for beginners.

For a new tennis player, the basic movements of the different types of strokes are probably the main thing to practice, like forehand, backhand and serve. To easily and quickly improve you serve there are a few things to simplify. Foot positioning, the service motion, the ball toss and serving technique are all things to simplify. By making sure you have a solid base when you serve and making sure you start with your racket back and above your head, tossing the ball and swinging towards the ball, adding more and more power to your swing as you get more comfortable with the motion, you will certainly improve your serve. When you have the motion down, just keep hitting those serves, consistency is the way to go.

Learning tennis for beginners can be hard, especially on a clay court. Getting into position on clay is tougher than on other surfaces. Even pros can have difficulties with their footwork on clay, but almost every one of them knows how to deal with it. By taking small fast steps across the whole court and sliding to the ball before hitting it. A good tennis drill is to try taking about 10 steps or more from the time you strike the ball to the next time you hit it, also getting used to sliding. This will improve your footwork and at the same time teach you how clay court tennis differs from other types of courts.

This article has now given you some insight on tennis for beginners, and I hope you will have it easier choosing which type of tennis training suits you.

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