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Texas mortgages companies are mortgage companies that operate in the state of Texas. These companies are licensed and regulated by the Texas Savings and Loan Department and offer lending and brokerage services. Texas mortgage companies offer a wide array of services including home mortgage loans, refinance loans, purchase loans, and home equity loans. Normally, these mortgage companies quote estimates and lending rates for purchase of real property for U.S. residents only.

While dealing with mortgage companies, care should be taken to see that the monthly mortgage payments are sent to the right mortgage company. Very often, borrowers receive letters stating that the mortgage has been sold to another financial institution, with an advice to continue paying to the new institution. However, in Texas and elsewhere in the nation, scams related to such mortgage sales have been reported. So, before mailing the mortgage checks to the new mortgage company, borrowers should ascertain the authenticity of the latter by checking with their existing mortgage company. Every mortgage company is required by law to provide their clients with the name and a toll free number of the new mortgage company to whom they have transferred the client’s loan.

Mortgage companies in Texas usually take proper care to maintain electronic and procedural safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, security, and integrity of their clients’ personal information. This is done at every stage of interaction between the company and the client to avoid any possibility of identity theft.

Texas mortgage companies use a credit score to assess the risk associated with lending to a particular individual. The credit score is a number that is computed from an individual’s credit history with the objective of determining how trustworthy the client is. This helps the mortgage company determine the probability of default or any future credit problems with regard to that particular individual. A higher credit score is a better indicator and gives the confidence to the mortgage company to issue the loan. A higher credit score also motivates the company to offer an attractive interest rate on the mortgage.

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