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The Android and Chrome operating systems are Google’s two freshly created systems that they are working on. Chrome OS is mainly based on their Chrome internet browser that runs web apps. It’s designed to be a very simple, user-friendly computer operating system that can be used on a number of devices. Now you ask, where will this platform actually fit in? Note that there are different editions of Chrome OS, such as Google Chromium OS but ultimately the official edition will win the battle Chrome vs Chromium as it is backed by Google programmers.

It is challenging to determine if many individuals will move over to Chrome OS. One major issue is that Android already exists. It is on several cell phones now and soon to be netbook computers and tablet computers. Programmers and manufacturers have been employing and developing for Android a lot more than Google Chrome. Although it’s a great browser, there does not seem to be a spot for it yet in the market.

Some have suggested that Chrome OS might be a quick boot alternative for Windows computers. The idea is that you could boot into Chrome to send quick emails or check out something on your laptop or netbook computer. Although this may seem like a great place for this kind of technology to fit, there are already a number of alternatives. First, many will use their smart phone for fast web duties. Second of all, if someone wants a quick boot system you’ll find a wide variety of free OS’s that have been able to do this for a number of years.

It seems that if Google wants this operating system to have a spot, they will have to make a Chrome OS hardware device like they have done with the Nexus One telephone running Android. This can possibly be a tablet computer or a basic netbook computer that’s designed to run this operating system exclusively in order to help increase its popularity.

Yet another option is that Chrome and Android, and maybe Google Chromium OS, could become exactly the same project in the future as Google tries to totally get into the OS market later on.

Google will release the Google Chrome OS really soon, but numerous folks are unsure where it’ll fit into the current crowded operating system landscape. In the very near future, we will not only see what it could do and where it will fit in, but if it’ll be a great fit for your specific computing needs. As for the Chrome vs Chromium fight, things are getting really fascinating with freelance programmers helping the online community make the most of this OS.

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