The Alternative Mental Health Treatment Based On Dream Translation


You have to be able to think logically in order to understand that someone else is mentally ill. However, when are mentally ill yourself, you cannot understand your absurdity.

The truth is that everyone is mentally ill from birth, since we inherit a satanic anti-conscience and our deficient conscience is underdeveloped and one-sided, but some people are more mentally ill. Their mental health problems are visible. They are too anxious, they have absurd thoughts and fears, or they have other characteristics that reflect insanity.

Other times their serious mental health problems are not visible, exactly like your mental illness – if you don’t have serious psychological problems.

You may believe that you are a normal person and you cannot accept the idea that there is a demon in your brain. You believe that you know what logical thinking is and you are a reasonable person. However, this happens because you don’t understand your absurdity and not because you are not absurd.

You don’t understand your own falsity, and you don’t understand the falsity of the world. The same way that the ancient civilizations couldn’t understand that they were crazy because they killed human beings to offer them to their satanic gods, you cannot understand your absurdity for many reasons.

First of all, this happens because you follow the logic of the barbarous modern civilization.

You don’t pay attention to the craziness of the world, which is characterized by terror, violence, immorality, poverty, greed, hypocrisy, and indifference to the human pain. You believe that some people are reasonable and good and you don’t want to concentrate your attention on the things you dislike. You pay attention to the material pleasures you can have.

You don’t understand that everyone is an actor and that you are false too. You believe in the lies of the commercial world, even if you think that you are smart and you can distinguish the manipulation of the world.

There are many things about your brain and your behavior that you ignore… I tried to give you a few explanations, but your brain is complex.

I cannot answer all your questions about this matter in my articles. I can tell you that you are ignorant and you have to be humble. Your rudimentary knowledge cannot help you understand all aspects of your reality.

There are many reasons why you cannot understand your absurdity. So, don’t be surprised by the fact that you are absurd.

Alone I would never be able to discover the existence of the satanic anti-conscience in the human brain and realize that all human beings are absurd. I made this discovery because I precisely obeyed God’s guidance in my dreams and God revealed this truth to me.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t perceive various signs of absurdity in the human behavior and give you many lessons about this matter. I was able to notice these signs after discovering the existence of the anti-conscience.

If you think based on the lies of the hypocritical world, you believe that the cruelty that characterizes the human behavior is something natural, and you believe that the various excuses that try to justify our cruelty are valid. You are not able to judge the world based on God’s wisdom.

The materialistic and atheistic modern civilization makes you dislike the idea that God exists and it makes you dislike even more the idea that you are a demon, since a satanic primitive conscience occupies the biggest part of your brain. Your human side is concentrated into your tiny conscience, but it must be developed during your life.

You have to be open-minded and understand that the aversion you have for religion is the result of the influence of your absurd and evil nature. It also is a result of the atheism of the world.

Today science is considered to be more important than religion, philosophy, and art because it is something new. Before the 20th century we were living in a totally different world. We didn’t have all the things that help us survive and simplify our lives. We are still enchanted with the new alternatives we have thanks to our discoveries and inventions, but our enthusiasm won’t last long.

In the future everyone will stop admiring science so much, and care about all aspects of our reality. Everyone will pay attention to their spiritual health and to the existence of terror on earth. Everyone will help God put an end to absurdity and evilness because everyone will look at their psyche and at the world based on God’s wisdom.

Now that we know that we have a satanic nature we cannot keep closing our eyes to our absurdity and cruelty.

If you believe that you are a good person this is because your conscience is strong, but there is a demon in your brain that can suddenly invade the conscious surface like the lavas of a volcano in eruption.

I wouldn’t write so many articles about this tragedy if I didn’t have the moral obligation to show you the bitter truth in order to protect your mental health.

You have to eliminate the demon because it is dangerous, independently of your opinion about your mental condition.

The existence of the demon in your brain is a scientific discovery that is confirmed by all religions based on goodness. Your dreams give you scientific explanations about your mental health, and also religious lessons that help you become a philosopher who thinks based on goodness and wisdom.

Your dreams help you gradually transform your evil self into a human being.

This is a difficult and sad mission, but the truth is that you must be grateful because now you can get rid of the demon, since now you know that God works as a therapist for you producing dreams that help you become really human.

Your ancestors ignored the existence of the demon. You have the chance to win the battle against Satan and become a brilliant person.

Source by Christina Sponias

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