The Amazon Kindle WiFi Graphite 3rd Gen a Perfect Gift for Booklovers or Students


Tired of carrying all those books around well, with all the recent publicity surrounding Apple’s Ipad, Amazon’s new Kindle 3rdgeneration WiFi e-reader has flown a little under the radar, but make no mistake the new Amazon Kindle is competitively priced, faster and lighter than previous models which makes it the perfect gift for booklovers and students. In addition, the new version also comes with a few extra new features which add to the value and will make it a must have during this holiday season. With that said lets discuss the new and improved features, why I love my new Kindle and in my opinion what makes the Amazon Kindle the perfect gift for book lovers or students in your life which are:

  • Faster page browsing: response time for browsing is very good and better than competitors
  • Enhanced Display: the display is improved and easier on the eyes almost like paper a benefit for those who enjoy reading at the beach or by the pool
  • New web browser:gives you the ability to now check your e-mail
  • Improved PDF reader
  • Cost: the WiFi version is only $139.99 compared to $300-$500 for other models
  • Weight: is a important factor especially for those travelers who love to read. Weighing in at only 8.7 ounces and fitting inside your suit pocket
  • Facebook & Twitter integration: Facebook and Twitter addicts rejoice

The niche market which I believe can benefit the most though are students. I can’t help feeling sorry for them in the morning while on my way to work seeing them breaking their backs with all those books also with parents and student looking for ways to save money in this tough economy, to download a book will be cheaper than buying at the store campus on most occasions. In addition some students absorb information better through audible hence the Kindle has a voice read out loud option in either a man’s or women’s voice.I would also recommend the graphite color model for an even better reading experience.

Will the Amazon Kindle eventually take over hard cover books, I don’t think so some things never go out of style I think the same applies to the good old fashion book, consequently in my opinion there will always be a market for both.

Source by Ralph Bonilla

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