The Art of a Bikini Model


A Bikini Model is usually very attractive, vibrant, and sexy! She is shapely and loves to show off her well proportioned body! You will find Bikini Models are filled with confidence, mostly because they work very hard to keep in shape, if they did not it would show! People judge a bikini model on posture, body shape, confidence, personality, and overall style!

Bikini Models should look energetic, healthy and have a great attitude. Another very important element is a great swimsuit, it has to fit her just right or she will not look good, and the product will not look it’s best either! A Bikini Model should pay attention to styles, patterns, shapes, and color including current trends and styles. Bikini Models must be able to wear a one piece swimsuit or a two piece bikini. A Model should always look relaxed and enjoy the time she is spending modeling. Models are known by their attitude and conduct they display at a photo session! Bikini models and photographers are known to travel all over world to capture the best possible photo at the most beautiful location!

Bikini Models most often like to show off their figure, and will pose in many interesting and different ways. All Models are required to go through various photo shoots to create a professional modeling portfolio. Putting together a models portfolio is an absolute must! When you go see a Photographer for help in creating a portfolio, you should be ready to do a test shoot, also bring your portfolio with you if you have one!

Trust me a Professional Portfolio is the best investment you will ever make. Be sure to include your best images, quality over quantity is rule #1, when it comes to a Portfolio. Include a Bio, with your stats, and contact information. Understand the competition will have spent the time and effort to show their best work, so you need to do the same! Also something for you to take note of, the minimum height of a bikini model is about 5’2″ however you can be as tall as 6′ in most cases.

Keeping a positive attitude is very important, always have a smiling on your face when meeting with a photographer or casting director. Remember all eyes are on you, so when walking show good posture; this is the key to your success. Remain confident continue to look for that big break, there are opportunities to become a successful and professional Bikini Model. Always have your goal in mind and one day you maybe the next Super Model.

Source by Kevin Beaudoin

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