The Art of Not Listening


I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across some verses in the book of Numbers. I know, I know, who really reads the book of Numbers? I do and anyone else that endeavors to read their Bible through in a year reads the book of Numbers. Now I do have to admit I mostly skim it unless my eye catches something interesting like it did on this day.

I was reading Numbers 33:50-56. It is talking about driving out the inhabitants of the land that the Israelites would be living in. They were supposed to drive out all the inhabitants and then tear down their metal images (basically their idols) and all the high places they used to worship false gods.

The scripture goes on to talk about what happens if you don’t do it and I quote “then those of them whom you let remain shall be as barbs in your eyes and thorns in your side, and they shall trouble you in the land where you dwell.”

Well if you have ever read the Old Testament portion of the Bible you will see MOST of the time, not always, but MOST of the time they disobeyed. You just want to go “really, really did that just happen AGAIN? Don’t they know better by now what will happen if they disobey? Then you say, “I guess they didn’t learn their lesson” and you go on and read your Bible chart the next day. You learned ABSOLUTELY nothing because that’s all Old Testament stuff anyway. I’m only reading it because I need to because I want to read my Bible through in a year.

This is where the  Art  of Not Listening gets interesting. I know that I tend to half listen when someone is telling me something. Well I pay better attention if I’m actually caring what the person has to say. But usually if someone is talking to me or at me, I barely hear them. Sometimes that is how I listen to God. I half hear what He says and then “claim” I am obeying Him and totally doing what He told me to do. But if only half heard what He said, how could I possibly know what I am supposed to do.

In the scriptures I referenced it was really clear, clean out the inhabitants, pull down their high places and clear out the land and live a good life. If you don’t, this is what is going to happen to you. I know that has happened to me. The Lord gave me clear instructions about something I was supposed to do, I didn’t pay good enough attention and I didn’t catch all the details. I half did it and then I’m in trouble.

We need to do better than being good at The  Art  of Not Listening. We need to listen carefully to what the Lord tells us to do and then obey to the best of our ability. The Heavenly Father isn’t giving us instructions so we can half listen, or even worse, not pay attention and then His work never gets done.

It’s important to have a successful life and that is by learning The  Art  of Listening. Listen to the Spirit of God lead you and guide you. He cares about everything you say and do and He wants you to be a success.

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Source by Bridget F Johnson

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