The Art of Surf Art


 Art  has been around forever. Surf  art  has been around forever too. There are caves with drawings depicting surfing. I’ve been fortunate to have spent the majority of my adult life with an artist. She coming from a family of artists has always promoted the idea that anyone can do  art . Me not being an artist, although i jokingly attempt it from time to time, find it hard to except this truth. Nonetheless it is true,  art  can be created by anyone regardless of talent, experience, skill and as in my case how laughable it might looked when finished.

My wife grew up on the beach and continues to live at the beach. Surfing is a huge part of her happiness in life. Combining her talent as an artist and surfing is obvious and she has developed her style and continues to evolve it. Her work is amazing regardless, but fortunately she has found success with her  art  being sold to private collectors, surfing and snowboarding companies, and other businesses.

I’ve been able to witness all of this from the third party. Looking in from the outside I’ve seen so many different artist doing surf  art . Some are original and different, others combine ideas taken from other people, and still others copy out right. It really doesn’t matter in the end. Once  art  is created and put out into the world there is nothing that can be done but to move on. A true artist will always strive to be original.

Surf  art  can be difficult to stand out as being original. Surfing doesn’t have an endless supply of aspects to paint. Waves, surfboards, and beaches are the dominate aspects, with secondary aspects being but not limited to sea life, wetsuits, and palm trees. The point is that there are many of the same aspects of surfing found in all most all surf  art . Not only that but most angles have already been done, aerial, landscape, from with in the barrel of a wave… etc.

What does the  art  of surf  art  boil down to? The artist. What makes great surf  art  is the capturing or injection of the artist themselves in the painting. Might sound crazy to some, others totally normal but the essence of the artist must be felt. The most common emotion expressed by viewers of my wife’s  art  is happiness. I believe that is why her  art  has had success. She, like many other amazing artists, has the ability to convey emotions through  art .

Source by Eric Clemmer

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