The Benefits of Hollywood Tans Franchise


No, Hollywood Tans is not referring to the glowing skin seen on models, actors, actresses and singers in the Hollywood crowd. It is a business that specializes in transforming pale skinned individuals into golden apparitions that seem to be constantly on vacation.

You can get that vacation look by visiting one of their locations. You can find everything you need in a one stop shopping expedition and they will be glad to have your business.

Hollywood Tans first opened for business in 1995 and went from a local store to being one of the premier tanning salons in the country. They now operate over 300 different locations scattered across the United States.

There are some states that do not have one of the franchises yet, but it will not be much longer before there is a tanning salon in every state. People love the service and the selection they get with their membership. What do they get?

A Hollywood Tans membership gives them access to some of the most state of the art technology in sun tanning beds. One of their most popular beds is the vertical tanner. Instead of lying down to tan, the member enters the bed and closes doors around them.

The result is a more even tan since there is three hundred and sixty degrees of bulbs. The added bonus is that it is far more hygienic than the older models where you had to lie in a bed that someone else sweated in and always left you wondering how well they cleaned it before your use.

Hollywood Tans also offers you the ability to skip out on the tanning bulbs completely and go with fake tans, as a way to achieve the same color on your skin but without risking damage from the process. Some locations have a 6 second instant tan, and with the Mystic tan system, which does take a bit longer, you achieve even results from the airbrush tanning process.

If you have never visited one of their locations, or if there is one near you, then go in and check out everything they have to offer. They have all the tanning supplies you need and have a bed designed for whatever body part you want to tan. As for price, Hollywood Tans is very competitive and you will not have to worry about being charged a ridiculous fee just to go tanning a couple times a week. Go see what a golden tan really looks like.

Source by Mike Ramidden

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