The Best Firefox Addons for Web Design and Graphics Artists


If you are a Web Designer, chances are that you already know how powerful Firefox extensions are. Similarly if you’re more of a ‘code monkey’ but mainly develop for the Web.

Here is a list of the best Firefox add-ons (or plugins depending on what term you prefer) for Web designers who focus more on the graphics, layout and aesthetics of website building. Since there is a lot of overlap between the two fields of web development and web design, and a fair amount of discussion on their definitions, you should also take a look at my article on the best extensions for web developers.

1. IE Tab – This extension allows you to quickly display the current URL in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser, so you can see how IE renders the page. There are also similar extensions for pulling up the page in Chrome and Opera.

2. CSSViewer – This is a great plugin to let you ‘spy’ on how other cool websites have created their designs at a CSS level. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the element you want to know more about.

3. GridFox – When you’re starting to put your site together, a great add-on for helping you to lay out a tight grid is GridFox. It can apply a grid to an existing site, that you can then save and edit. Invaluable.

4. ColorZilla – This easy-to-use extension helps you pick the right color for giving your blog the right look. It does a number of things including letting you pick a color (with its eyedropper tool) from any webpage and capturing the color’s hex code (ex: #ff4b8a) which you can quickly copy and then paste elsewhere. It also has a color-picker tool to perfectly tweak the color and a palette browser.

5. Total Validator – So your website is built, but is it valid HTML/XHTML? How about the links? Any broken ones? Total Validator produces a report in one click, and can also check the accessibility of your site and perform a spell check.

Since web development and web design have so much overlap, chances are that you also stand to benefit from the extensions that have more of a ‘development’ slant, so you should check out our other article on entitled Best Firefox Add-Ons for Web Development.

There are also dozens of other add-ons for web design in the Mozilla Add-On directory in case the ones listed here don’t quite mesh with your needs or sensibilities.

Source by Khalid Hosein

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