The Best Movie of 2010 – Inception


“Inception” is the by far the best movie of 2010 and there are no arguments here as it is the top rated movie of all times just behind a few other classics. “Inception” is directed by Christopher Nolan, ardent filmmaker with a thirst for success. It stars the very famous “Leonardo DiCaprio” who has done a splendid job and continues to impress the audience. The film comes under the genre of action, mystery and science fiction. It is has a lot of fictitious ideas and the plot revolves around him.

The storyline is pretty complicated where the hero is known for thieving ideas from people’s brains and this has made him the best in the business but he has lost everything he loves. He is now offered a chance of redeeming his life by performing the opposite act, that is, to perform “Inception” which means planting an idea into someone’s mind instead of stealing it. If he does the impossible he could go back to his family and kids otherwise it is the end of his life.

This is a very exciting plot and there is the thrilling experience which gives us goose bumps. The story shows us how the guy enters people’s dreams and plants ideas with his special knack. He has a group of friends to his aid and along with them he performs “Inception”. The movie has an open ending where the viewers are uncertain if the whole thing was a reality or a dream. The bottom line is that those are the most amazing couple of hours one could ask for in a movie theater.

The film topped all charts and is the best movie under the “mystery” genre. Leonardo is a lucky man to have such a great movie under his belt; however we must not take the credit away from him because he did a great job carrying the whole movie. Thus, the best movie of not only 2010 but also of all times is “Inception” as there is a very little chance of something else beating this.

Source by Chris C. Sturat

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