The Birth of Hollywood


It may be hard to believe, but it is true that the first major American film was only eight minutes long. It was called The Great Train Robbery and was made in 1903.

Although the first motion picture was made in 1892 by Thomas Edison, 1903 was the turning point for films as this is when films were begun to be viewed as an art form. Hollywood in California became the hub of film making because the earlier film makers in the east coast had actually disregarded the patent laws and had started to develop their own version of Kinetoscope. This was the first motion picture device invented by Thomas Edison and due to the patent issues Edison began to sue all the film makers who had stolen his technology and this was the reason why film makers from the east coast fled to Hollywood.

Those aspiring to make a career in films would be heading to California as this is where all the action was happening. In 1909, a reporter had written in his newspaper article that the sleepy town in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles that was earlier surrounded by orange groves had suddenly become very lively because of the interest shown in it by the film makers. The reporter at that time would not have been able to imagine the kind of kingdom that was being created in that sleepy town and it is very hard for anyone to believe that ever active Hollywood was once a sleepy town for orange groves. Unbelievable, but true!

Source by Pauline Go

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