The Effects of Technology on Society


When we think technology, we mostly relate it to the internet. The computer era has certainly transformed many areas in society. But, for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. In spite of all the positive influences technology has brought on society, we cannot ignore the other side of the coin. The world has fallen captive to this lifestyle and quickly shunned the old ways. Of course, considering the ease and efficiency in work production, communication, and economic growth, the expertise afforded is highly beneficial to all. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the long-suffering effects that come with computer literacy and internet exposure.

Let’s consider for instance the most obvious result of technological introduction, the loss of jobs. In the haste to realize more output and greater returns, many companies have done away with a lot of their employees. Couple this with the sudden economic downturn and it’s clear how much of an impact this has had on hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Of course there are others who have benefited largely from technology, which clearly implies that there is a disparity. Irrefutably, technology has brought about a lack of balance in society whereby, there are those who profit on one hand while others undergo financial and emotional distress.

Crime is inevitable in most every aspect of society. With the introduction of technology however comes a new level of criminal activity. The internet allows for numerous transactions and communication to take place on a daily basis. These occur globally, which enable businesses to carry out operations faster and most anywhere in the world. The one impediment however, is online villains. They have discovered ways to steal people’s identities and embezzle money by manipulating keystrokes to get personal financial information. Additionally, they spread malware as well as hack into websites and damage vital data. Worst off are sexual molesters who prey on the innocent. Though a lot of companies are working tirelessly to come up with software that will secure online activity, many people have unfortunately fallen victim to internet crimes.

It is worth noting that the impact technology has on society is both beneficial and detrimental, though not in the same proportion. If humanity is to fully enjoy all aspects of this new era, some sort of balance has to be established. It cannot be something that profits a select few and takes away from others. We cannot afford to eradicate our natural way of life and let technology infiltrate every element. We need to be the ones utilizing technology and not the other way round.

Source by Himanshu Joshi

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