The Entertainment Quotient of Bollywood Movies


If there’s one thing that guaranteed to raise your spirits after a long and difficult day, it is a Bollywood movie (with subtitles, if necessary). Bollywood is the name of India’s film industry. More specifically, it churns out approximately 1000 movies annually in the Hindi language. The movies have glamour, color, joie de vivre, an endless line of beautiful, accomplished actors, amazing stunts (some aided and abetted by technology), slick editing, awesome photography and inspired direction. They showcase the essence of India – the zest for life, the indestructible spirit, the good, bad and ugly and acceptance of all that life and people are.

On the downside, the storylines sometime disappear into a maze of loose ends. The first time you see a Bollywood movie, you may consider it a bit over-the-top, the comedy a bit too loud in places and the theatrics overdone. But they grow on people, who are willing to give it more than a single try. The entertainment quotient is supplied by witty one-liners, comedy that is now moving out of the slapstick mold and a unique feature of Bollywood movies – the songs and dances incorporated into the story, which take the story further or emphasize a particular turn in it. Mostly, the foot-tapping music and well choreographed dances lift up one’s spirits and energy levels.

While some movies disappear without a trace, an increasingly great number enjoy viewership that allows them to get a decent return and some break all records in terms of the income generated. A great part of this revenue is realized from overseas sales, from an increasing number of people, whose mother tongue is not Hindi. There are movies of every genre – action, comedy, family, romance, suspense and even horror. The problem then for those who would like to venture into the experience of watching Bollywood movies is to know which are the ones that are going to give them great entertainment value and which are the ones best avoided.

Source by Sensa Hewmor

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