The Greatest Kung Fu Movies of All Times


There have been hundreds of Kung Fu movies ever made; we have been treated with fight-scenes of a new genre, no guns, no bombs, just kicks flying out in the air. But which one among those heart-pumping movies are the greatest? Let us find out.

1. The Greatest Kung Fu Movies of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the master Kung Fu fighter, there is no doubt about. His untimely demise has left a hole in the martial arts world though his legacy will remain with fans around the world.

Way of the Dragon

This was the only film that was written and directed by Brice Lee that he was able to completely finish. It also starred Chuck Norris.

Enter the Dragon

The last movie Bruce Lee was able to finish before he died.

Chinese Connection (Fist of Fury)

The story was set in Shanghai 1930’s while the Japanese was still in control of the whole area.

Fist of Fury (The Big Boss)

Set in Thailand, Lee plays someone who took revenge for his cousin’s disappearance and on the way he came up against the Big Boss of a drug trafficking ring.

Game of Death

Bruce Lee died before the movie was finished so director Robert Clouse made do with a stand in.

2. The Greatest Kung Fu Movies of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan came into popularity after Bruce Lee, though they share the same love for the martial arts, their movies somehow differ in plots. While Lee’s movies concentrate on the dramatic side of the stories, Chan’s movies on the other hand, took on the comedy side. But both were able to penetrate the western world with their unique styles.

Drunken Master

It was probably one of the best films he has ever made; he was able to rise as a good comedic martial arts actor with this film. This was done in Cantonese.

Police Story

This is another Cantonese film from Chan; here he plays a cop (first time) who took down a drug lord only to be framed for another cop’s murder.

Super Cop

This was filmed in Hong Kong but made it internationally. Chan played a Hong Kong detective who needs to stop a drug czar.

Rush Hour

This was done in English and was shot in the States. Chan plays a cop (as usual) who worked with an FBI agent to rescue a kidnapped girl.

The Tuxedo

Not a cop this time but a chauffeur who discovered that his mater’s tuxedo has super natural powers. A hilarious film, no doubt.

3. Other Greatest Kung Fu Movies

Shaolin Temple

This film starred Jet Li, another Kung Fu master; this is his debut film and this film made history when the original Shaolin Temple was re-opened after the film’s showing.

The Seven Samurai

One of the greatest epic Kung Fu movies of all time and director Akira Kurosawa’s best work ever. It featured superb acting performances with emotions running high.

Ong Bak

Martial Arts expert Tony Jaa brought to the big screen a new Kung Fu style very much different from that of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Definitely something new for the new breed of Kung Fu fans.

Source by Howard Cusato

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