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People say that they need luxury, but only few of them find it to be feasible. Some of the luxury gadgets are very expensive and some of them are just a little bit expensive. However you need to find out that what is the position of your wallet? It is quite true that the luxury cell phones are a bit expensive but this does means that you can bargain a lot. Hence you will be able to buy these mobile phones at much reduced cost.

As an example you can take the Gresso Sol. The whole keypad of this mobile phone is made up of gold and still you can buy it at around 5000 euro. Isn’t it a cheaper option? This is indeed a cheaper option and you will have a great time ahead as well. In this article I am going to talk about various features of a luxury mobile phone and I will take the Gresso sol model as an example.

You will find some very precious as well as some of the very rare material with this gadget. The whole keypad of this mobile phone is made up of the gold. This is certainly quite important point to note down. You can hope that lots of carats of gold is being used with this gadget and hence even if it stops working then as well you will be able to get enough money by selling it back.

However you will also find the latest technology with this mobile phone. It is in fact a 3G mobile phone and this is definitely quite enough for you to realize that some of the best technologies are being used with this mobile phone. The 3G technologies like WAP, GPRS, GPS all of them are accountable and are present in this gadget.

You will also find out that the gadget is as well quite equipped with great energy power. The talk time as well as the standby time is just superb. In fact you will love this gadget just not because it is luxurious one but you will find some of the best technology as well.

In any case you should not forget that this is a 3G mobile phone. Hence you are entitled to get the internet facility as well. However this is not just a fairy tale of this gadget. You will find each and every luxury gadget to be studded with the latest technologies. When some technology is new in the market then you will definitely find that it is costly. Such is the popularity of the luxury gadgets these days. These phones are in great demand and even the middle class people are buying these luxury phones now. The environment and the flair for the cell phones are definitely changing.

Source by Allen Cleveland

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