The Gurus Want Your Money


If you have wanted to try earning money on the internet with an online marketing business or some other home based business, you may have checked out money making opportunities. If so, you have undoubtedly gotten your email address on a number of “lists” of the so called internet marketing  gurus . These people who are earning millions of dollars are making more money each day by selling products to the hopeful who come seeking advice and help on how to earn money.

These  gurus  say that the money is in the list. They boast that they have huge lists. They capture the email addresses of people who submit their name and address to receive some free or low cost information. Those email addresses then become part of their thousands of names with which they send almost daily emails in order to try and build a relationship with that person so that they can sell them something. Then they send them all kinds of offers for which they get a piece of the action. This is joint venture partnering or affiliate marketing where they get paid for anyone they send to buy the promoted products.

Some people have found great income sources through these avenues. They get customers for their own products and for the products being marketed by others. Sometimes the products they sell are very inexpensive, but they are also total junk. They either have so much information that it is hard to digest and put to use or it is of very low quality with their own ramblings of how they have become successful. They are making money whenever you buy anything from them.

The  gurus  may also tell you that they buy everything they can get their hands on, which you know could not possibly be true. You also know that they are not using most of the material they are trying to sell to you. They may be recommending it to you, but they don’t use it themselves.

Most of the people who are looking for ways to earn money are willing to pay small amounts in order to have the chance for success. It is difficult to sell something for thousands of dollars to someone who is hurting for cash, but those people are willing to pay $17 or $49 for what purports to be valuable, money-making information.

There is no way to tell if something will really work for you until you try it. Although the testimonials they use make the product sound great, they may not be true. There is a lot of money lost and wasted because people keep trying to find the one thing that will work for them to help them find success in a home based business. It is a matter of trial and error, but some of these products work for some people.

Source by Irene Mori

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