The Hollywood Diet


The Hollywood diet or fruit diet is all about fruit consumption only for a week. This diet offers an obvious result on the scale, but you should keep in mind that with any of these quick weight loss diets, most people end up gaining more weight in the long run. The Hollywood diet is presented in many variations (pineapple diet, grapefruit diets just to name a few) and became famous after being adopted by several Hollywood stars.

Hollywood Diet Principles

To allow actresses to lose weight during periods of shooting, some actresses were asked to eat only fruit for a period of 10 days. Fruits provide few calories, more fiber and vitamins, allowing you to lose weight very quickly.

Recommended fruits are mainly exotic (pineapple, grapefruit, papaya, watermelon) because they are famous for their slimming properties, but it should be pointed out not yet proven in scientific terms. However, all fruits are encouraged, except bananas, which are considered too sweet.

After this intensive diet of fruit, you must gradually start to eat your normal diet; only once or twice a week start to eat a little bread and meat and soup also is recommended, till you gradually go back to eating full meals.

Hollywood Diet in practice

Here is a sample diet for one week:

First day: from morning till evening only consume pineapple (every 2 hours)

The next day: apple or papaya, pineapple for lunch, apples and mangoes in the evening

The third day: apple or kiwi, pineapple for lunch, apples and kiwi in the evening

The fourth day: watermelon or raspberry

The fifth day: watermelon, noon apricot, blueberry or black currant in the evening

The sixth day: morning, plum, pineapple for lunch, watermelon evening

The seventh day: watermelon or apples from morning to evening (eating a fruit every 2 hours).

The next week should reintroduce vegetables, bread and flour to a more balanced diet, without looking over, milk and white meat in the second week after the diet.

Hollywood Diet Effectiveness

If effectiveness is measured in numbers that fall on the scale, then yes, this scheme is quite effective as weight loss is dramatic in its first week. In terms of health, this diet can be disastrous, and you should carefully consider your motivations for beginning it.

Advantages: Relatively easy to follow, all you have to do is to eat fruit. It’s quite easy to drop 5-10 pounds very rapidly, and can make the difference of you fitting into that dress for a wedding or night out.

Disadvantages: There are numerous because the diet is not based on any scientific principles and nutrition. The diet is mainly focused on people that need to drop several pounds very rapidly, and not on overall health or weight loss. And most people who go on the diet, find that they quickly put back on the pounds when the go back to eating normally. Keep in mind the most effective ways to lose weight is to make lifestyle changes in your life. Choosing to not eat or eat poorly for a week or two is not only damaging to your body, but does nothing for your long term goals.

Source by Barbara M Johnson

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