The Hunger Games Movie – The Pitfalls


Young Adults author Suzanne Collins has handed in a draft of The Hunger Games screenplay, which is now being revised before the movie goes into production in 2011. The project is still in its early stages, but speculation is running hot around every aspect of the movie, from who will direct it, to who be cast in the major roles. However, there doesn’t seem to be a great amount of reflection on whether it will actually work as a movie.

I think The Hunger Games book is an absolute page turner. I loved it from the first to last word. It’s not hard to imagine the action on a big screen. But in some ways, I’m not really sure if it’s going to end up being the best movie. It’s hard to know how The Hunger Games is going to work out considering the violent concept and yet maintain its young adult audience. Quite simply, there is so much death and brutal deaths at that. It’s going to be a huge balancing act for the film makers to deal with the brutal aspects of the story. It’s one thing to encapsulate the violence of the situation in words, another to show it on the big screen.

Another concern is that the heart of the story could be lost in translation. While the action of the book seems cinematic, a lot of the plot is actually internalized by Katniss. Because the story is told from inside her head we know that she learns to hate the Capitol. We don’t see it in her actions – she never does anything against the Capitol, but we learn along with her exactly what she’s up against and what she needs to do to win the games and save her friend. It would be awful if the more subtle nuances of what Katniss goes through in working out how to navigate and ultimately survive the Hunger Games ends up being distilled down to something that comes across as simply barbaric  entertainment  for the people of the Capitol.

Hopefully the movie won’t lose the main point of the book. Hopefully we’ll still experience the world of Panem predominately through the eyes of Katniss and hopefully, since Suzanne Collins is heavily involved in the movie, it will come to life in a way that the people who love the books so much can embrace the movie in much the same way.

When Twilight hit the screens it had very mixed reviews. It only scores 50% on RottenTomatoes with critics complaining that the pacing was off, the screenplay was a bit clunky and the love interest unconvincing. For many fans of the books, it was disappointing. So is it disturbing that The Hunger Games is slated as the next Twilight? And is all the hype around the film too much that those of us that hope it will be like the book get let down as the movie can never quite live up to our dream?

It’s all pure speculation and ultimately until we get to sit in the cinema and see how Suzanne Collins has been able to tell her story through the medium of film, we really won’t know. I am looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Source by Jacqui Munn

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