The iLiving App and the Power of Three


The one unique feature of the iLiving App is that is brings together three major industries to give the recipient the opportunity to learn and earn from your mobile device. It’s been labelled the app that pays in so many ways.

One Main Purpose

First and foremost, the main purpose of iLA is to develop better people. Personal development is a broad subject that includes all aspects of a person’s being. The power of three as it pertains to humans is found in the physical, mental and spiritual parts of each individual. The need for each part to be properly nourished and exercised is paramount in order to live a happy balanced life. The focus of iLiving has everything to do with making a person better by delivering high quality content each week.

The iLiving App (iLA) delivers high quality content from professionals in the personal development field to a mobile device or PC. The weekly videos focus on subjects such as:

  • Goal setting and time management
  • Enlightenment
  • Business development
  • Leadership development
  • Financial management
  • Personal motivation
  • Building Relationships and more

The iLA home screen allows access to every feature, including the weekly videos, news and the vault where there are articles written by experts in many fields. If this was the only purpose of iLA, that would be awesome, but there is more to explore.

One of a Kind

The Mobile App and Personal Development arenas are very large and expanding, however there is one more industry to discuss. The iLA uses network marketing to advertise and expand its reach. This particular type of marketing has experienced incredible growth over the past several years even when faced with a sluggish economy. The iLA is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible to earn extra income. With the 3 x 7 iLA matrix an associate can:

  • Pay off debts
  • Save for retirement
  • Be self employed
  • Work at home
  • Travel
  • Spend more time with family
  • Have a flexible schedule

This ground floor opportunity is currently in pre-launch stage of development. The iLA has three ways to sign up including a free, retail ($6.95/Mo) and associate ($9.95/Mo) options. The free option delivers a weekly inspirational video directly to a mobile phone or computer. The retail option allows access to the weekly video and to the archives of all previously downloaded content. The associate option brings the full power of the iLA to the forefront with access to everything including a website to share this opportunity with the world.

The iLiving App brings together three worldwide industries and allows a person to access them from the palm of the hand.

Source by Pat McConaha

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