The Importance of Preserving Our Culture


Culture can mean many things. It is a way of life. Every human society has a culture. It includes society’s arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, inventions, language, technology, and values. It produces similar behavior and thought among most people in a particular society. It provides us with a sense of belongingness within a group. It also allows us to understand the history of our past generations.

The preservation of our culture is central to protecting a sense of who we are, a meaningful reference in our culturally diverse world. There are many ways in which a cultural identity is formed and maintained. Much of the process has to do with the intangible cultural heritage of a body of traditions, rites, poetry, song, and dance. A great deal of all these are passed on orally through generations. Consequently, its survival is always threatened.

Preservation of culture is the protection of our cultural property to prolong its existence.

Preserving our culture affirms our identity. It reflects and shapes our values, beliefs and aspirations. It is important to preserve our cultural heritage because it maintains our integrity as humans.It is the demonstration of our belief and expression. It is our right that need to be respected.

Preservation of culture is really important to promote sustainable future. There should be an intense need to foster professional talent and address capacity building. This should aim to contribute to the enrichment of our culture and to learn more about it.

Investing in the preservation of our culture prevents cultural drawbacks in the future. It is the act of keeping our culture from the present for the future generations. Cultural heritage includes tangible culture such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts; intangible culture such as folklore, traditions, language, and knowledge; and natural heritage including culturally significant landscapes, and biodiversity.

Culture is unique, irreplaceable and beautiful. But the responsibility of preservation lies on the hands of the current generation. Some of these cultural traits are very praiseworthy. We must maintain our identity and adapt our values, habits, ways of thinking and doing. We need to preserve them in order to maintain and reinforce our cultural identity because it is the foundation to a successful lifetime. In order to keep it alive, we need to conserve it.

Efforts to preserve our culture have gained new thrusts nowadays. Protecting it is an economical, political and historical process. It is based on the aspects of our past that we want to cherish, keep and pass on to future generations and the outside world.

Therefore, when we acknowledge the importance of preserving culture, we need to show respect to our origins no matter how humble it is. We have to be proud of our own cultural identity.

Source by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

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