The Importance Of Sexual Health


Aging is a disease, which is neither a natural process nor a consequence of time. Sexual activity can slow down, if not control, the process of aging.

However, Dr. S. Jay Olshansky, scientist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, said, “The price we pay for sex is death.”

Simply put, once you have reproduced and passed on your genes, you are literally disposable. In fact, many mammals in the animal kingdom perish as soon as they have completed the process of reproduction.

But a life of abstinence won’t make you live any longer, if not shortening your life.

Why is that? Because all human, regardless of whether they reproduce or not, will die eventually. This is just the nature of things.

Aging begins in adulthood, picks up in middle age, and accelerates after age fifty. No sooner has your body reached its peak in your twenties than it begins its long and slow decline, thus starting decades of change, which is aging.

Given that the aging process is complex, there are many factors contributing to how you will age. Your body has a built-in system that guarantees your will not live forever. However, you may manipulate this mechanism to your advantage such that you could reverse your aging, or at least slow down its process. Sex is one of the many ways of manipulation.

Your sex holds the key to your longevity.

According to the Oriental wisdom, “yin” and “yang” are two aspects of Heaven and Earth, which are in constant flux, controlling and restraining each other. They are forever at variance with each other, like the changes of the four seasons. These changes are what maintain human life. To live a long life, individuals must abide by the natural variances of “yin” and “yang,” just as they must act in accordance with the changing of the four seasons. When you suppress your sexual activity for whatever reason, you may upset the balance of your “yin” and “yang” due to the obstruction of “qi,” the vital life energy in your body, resulting in disease and disorder”qi,” is incapable of being vented, and the intermingling of “yin” and “yang” is therefore obstructed. If blockage occurs, it is then impossible to keep the tone of the physical body, which is normally maintained through sexual activity.

Therefore, it is essential that the “qi” of the body is allowed to move freely so that it may aid in the disposal of waste gases and other toxic materials from the body for ultimate health. Accordingly, sexual activity – not necessarily intercourse – is an important component of balance and harmony in any individual, irrespective of age.

In addition, sex is sacred because it connects you in the most basic way to the source of Creation; it is an act symbolizing the origin of life, and hence is life itself.

Furthermore, sexual activity contributes to companionship, an important ingredient in the process of healthful aging.

Given the importance of sexual activity at any point in an individual’s lifespan, you should do everything possible to maintain it. It is always a misconception that your sex life becomes more unfulfilled as you age. Loss of sexual function and erectile dysfunction are NOT the normal consequences of aging. Of course, the male and female experience gradual but significant changes in their sexual response as they age.

To maintain your sexual activity, you must be sexually healthy. For example, healthy males have 2 to 5 nocturnal erections, each lasting about 20 minutes. Do you have erectile dysfunction? If you do, is your problem organic or psychogenic?

Females, too, may have their sexual dysfunctional problems due to loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, and vaginal atrophy (the closing down of the vagina during or after menopause, resulting in painful intercourse).

To optimize your sexual health, seek help to address any sexual problem you may have. Making love regularly stimulates the production of testosterone (a natural anabolic steroid hormone produced by the testicles), which in turn fuels the production of sex drive. It is essential that you have sex and ejaculate regularly for optimum health. Without the sex drive, there is no sex, and sex forms an important bond between a man and a woman, such that when it declines or stagnates, the whole relationship falls apart, resulting in all types of health-related problems. Stress from work, from finance, from health, from relationship takes toll on your libido and plays havoc with your sexual health, which will ultimately consume your well-being.

If you want to have sex for the rest of your life, focus on how to keep having sex for the rest of your life. Your longevity has everything to do with sex.

Source by Stephen Lau

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