The Invasion of the Android Smart Phone Clones in a Market Near You


Are you amazed at all the smart phone choices, calling plans, and announcements when it comes to iPhones, Google Phones, Droid Phones, Blackberries, and clones? If so, you can join the club. We’ve been busy studying these things since they were on the drawing boards, and it’s hard to keep up with even spending 2-hours a day studying all the new happenings in the industry and all the reviews out there. In the end however, it is not the branding, marketing, or advertising which will determine the winners and losers in the market rather it’s you; the consumer, customer, and user.

Recently, a personal tech guru of the smart phone technology space noted in his weekly column some interesting insights into just how the smart phone market was heating up in 2010. In his article Michael Martin wrote a piece; “A Veritable Army of Androids Coming this Year,” as we was discussing how HTC and other companies were going to mass produce Google Nexus One like clones running the Google operating system, all with similar features and a $100s of dollars less than Apples 3GS iPhone of Google’s own Nexus One.

Michael Martin noted that we could see at least a 100 (that’s right 100, and he even listed the names of these smart phone models in his article) “android phone choices worldwide scheduled to be made available in 2010.” Amazing, so here comes the invasion of the Androids, wow – and although things are about to get even more complicated, at least all the prices will be coming down now.

Apple may have found a way to temporarily keep out some of the HTC clones by filing a lawsuit with an international trade and patent organization. It hopes to protect some 20 plus patents that it has for features which run on its touch screen iPhone 3GS model. Hard to say if this will stop HTC in its tracks, most likely not, but if it can just slow them down, it will help US smart phone makers keep the price up long enough to get a decent return on their investment for all the technology and research that has been put into these units.

The Motorola Droid sells at $199 and that is a far-cry cheaper than the Apple 3GS, and if we consider the real prices of technology, we know that they’ve managed to build laptops now for $100. If a laptop can be built for $100, then obviously this massive competition in the smart phone market will drive the prices down to about what one would pay for a Texas Instrument scientific calculator. Please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow

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