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The LCD projector is the modern day overhead projector. It is also used for displaying images. The LCD stands for liquid crystal display. It was invented in 1968 by a New Yorker, Gene Dolgoff. He was in college when he started the research. He was looking for a way to brighten the 3-CRT projectors that they had to use in those days. Then, he came up with the idea of depixelization and used liquid crystals to modulate the light. Since 2005 they have added the dynamic iris. Some of the fans think that this has improved contrast levels and now can compare them to the levels of the DLP.

An LCD projector does project light through a filter in order to create an image, just like other projectors. The early ones actually were used with the existing overhead projectors. The difference is that The LCD filter is malleable and can also be used to show videos and many more slides than a regular slide projector. There are three small LCD screens inside the projector. It forms three sides of the square, the forth side is open to the light. Red, blue and green are the colors of the screens. They beam through the screens and using mirrors, create an image.

Some people call all modern projectors a LCD projector. Actually, there are two types, both digital. The first one is called the DLP or the Digital Light Processing and the second type is called LCD or The Liquid Crystal Display projector. The LCD’s are thought to have great color saturation with the brightness and contrast adjustable. Of course, the higher the resolution of the projector, the higher the cost.

As  technology  moves forward and the costs continue to drop, the LCD projector will be used daily by the consumers by connecting them to their computers or video players. It’s not a surprise that they have become lighter and smaller, just like many lap top computers. On a large screen, this allows for a better quality of image and they have become quite popular especially with the sports fans. Many do it yourself enthusiasts enjoy the LCD projector and design their own do it yourself projection systems. As you shop around for deals, check out the sites online. Many of them offer online discount and free shipping. Some also have specials on the package deals. Why not splurge on a home theater package.

Source by Charles Cheow

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