The Malicious Characteristic of Spyware


Since the creation of spyware, it has been used to check electronic discussion and activities of partners in intimate relationships. Most of evidences of infidelity have been unveiled by this.

There are many other types of software for this purpose but a very well known software package Lover spy was specially marketed. The spyware lover spy checks, monitors and records all discussion, activities that happen in your computer which includes website visited, passwords, files, keystrokes, emails, instant messaging communication etc. This software sends an email periodically to pre-defined email addresses which contains the logged information. But, consequently the author and the users of the malicious lover spy were charged with infringing on privacy in 2005.

Lover spy infiltrates computers by opening unknown emails or through greetings. It gets installed into your computer silently as you receive the e-card. Spyware Lover spy’s can create many files when it runs in your computer. Few of them includes WindirMspssvf.exe, WindirMspssvf.bat, WindirMspssvf.txt, WindirRec_pwd.html, SystemShellExtCsrss.exe

In most cases, Lover spy allows the remote controller to do actions as it monitors emails which are transmitted through yahoo, hotmail, excite, AOL, Outlook. Thus after monitoring, it forwards those email messages to already defined email address.

Secondly, it can download, upload, execute and delete files from your computer once it is installed and can steal passwords. Other than this, it also checks and monitors all websites visited and instant messaging communication.

So, to protect your computer from Spywares Lover spy, run your spyware scanner and make sure that your all files are configured from the scanner.

Source by Wande Babatope

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