The Modern Paparazzi


The modern paparazzi are not dependent on shady deals and lurking informers anymore. He knows what it takes to get that exclusive photo that can get the whole celebrity gossip world into a tizzy. The advantage of modern equipments are making it easier for him to go for that snap that can have all the celeb gossip magazines running after him. In the good old days, the money spent in procuring a photograph was sometimes more than what entertainment news papers and tabloids were willing to pay. All those days came to an end with the coming of age of the modern equipment. Now there’s a proper method to everything that happens.

The basic idea of paparazzi scoops is still the same. The race is still for that one photo that will have the celebrity in a position where it gets uncomfortable. Keeping this crux in place, the race is now to bring it to the celebrity gossip sites faster than any other. The paparazzi these days have a well-connected network that can inform the photographer about the whereabouts of a star in the shortest possible time. Sometimes these informers are working for celeb gossip sites as well. When they spot a celeb off the usual route, in a restaurant dining with another hot star or at the salon getting a new hairdo, they tip off the entertainment news photographers.

The paparazzi now depend on modern equipment like digital and modern cameras. These become useful when the celebrities need to be photographed on private property. Celebrity gossip sites pay a handsome amount for exclusive photos of the wedding or engagement of the celebrities. The celebrities know that they are susceptible to attacks from the paparazzi. That makes them aware of their situation and they take proper precautions. They erect security guards and the police to keep the entertainment site photographers at bay. More often than not, these celebrities strike deals with the celeb gossip sites themselves to give them those photos of weddings, engagements and child birth. It’s like a business deal that is borne out of the need to protect privacy. When they know they can’t do much, the celebrities try to make money out of this situation.

The coming of the modern paparazzi means that there is no spot on this planet where the celebrity is not vulnerable to photographs. Celebrity gossip sites are waking up to the importance of allowing these photographs to come on their pages. They understand that a photograph on a celeb gossip site speaks a lot about credibility. People would believe a hazy photograph than lines of written evidence. This factor works wonders in the entertainment news world. People find it easier to believe a story if there is an accompanying photograph. The moralists may complain about the legal rights and privacy ethics, but the paparazzi are definitely here to stay!

Source by Shaun Abraham

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