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If you have not heard about Reimage Windows XP Computer Repair service, it is one rare computer repair service on the Internet. This allows you to fix the bugs, viruses, software malfunctions and faulty drivers on your computer in about 30 minutes at the comfort of your home. In this article, you are going to discover further about the recent happenings that are going on around this company including why the company image is represented by a Rubik Cube, how it shows slowdown trend in PC upgrades and what proves the concept of this company to be a demand of the society. You will be able to know more about this company deeper by the end of this article and then you can explore this online service even further.

First of all, Reimage reveals why their company is represented by a Rubik Cube. They brought in the concept when they were doing a survey asking a question of what they think of personal computer performance. Out of many, one particular person gave an answer such as this,

“Windows is like Rubik’s cube. When you first get it – it starts off all shiny and working. But soon enough things evidently change… and you can no longer bring it back to its original condition…”

Immediately, they realized that they could not agree more because they believed that Windows work exactly like Rubik Cube where they cannot bring it back to its original condition. This is how their brand identity of a Rubik Cube was born.

Secondly, the repairs trend of Reimage shows a continuous increase in low RAM over the past few months. This tells that general public are still skeptical and not ready to make new computer purchases over the past few months due to this recession period. Not only that but the society are also afraid to hunt for upgrades and it could cost them even more money and they are more ready to go for repairs of their computers. They experienced an increase of PC repairs in December 2008 where 94,753 computers were being repaired comparing to November 2008 where 54,463 PCs were repaired.

Thirdly, a public survey proves that the concept of Reimage appears to be a demand of the society. The survey indicates that more than 80% of the respondents reported that it takes at least half a day to a day to have their computer fixed whether it is to clean, re-image, restore computers affected by malware, which was a statement claimed by GreenBorder Technologies. It is because of this, Reimage concept’s of fixing the computer in less than 30 minutes proves to be a solution to many computer users who intend to send their computers to vendors in order to have them repaired. With the massive time reduction at the comfort of your home, you can now experience the same without having to go through much hassles and troubles leaving your house.

By now, you probably know what has been going on around Reimage Computer Repair recently. With these news in your head, you are able to know the company better and know whether or the concept is something that is right for you too. Hope this article has been a helping hand.

Source by David Kendrick

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