The Perils of Purchasing Health Insurance Online


There are several websites available if you are looking to purchase individual or family  health  insurance online. Most of the large  health  insurance providers, i.e. Anthem, Assurant, Aetna, United  Health  Care, offer links for agencies to post on their websites. These links will describe plan offerings in great detail and will also allow buyers to make application using their online software.

Newer technologies provide a single “quoting engine” where consumers can compare several plans side by side from competing carriers. Not all plans will be available through this technology. It will depend on the state in which the consumer resides, the carriers and plan options the individual agency makes available, and to what extent a carrier conforms to such technology. Multiple carrier technologies will often require shoppers to provide personal contact information.

You will be Contacted by Several Agents

What really matters is to what extent consumers want to be contacted. Several sites will purport to offer quotes and only function to gather personal information. Even if  health  insurance quotes do appear, the site has captured the needed contact information. In fact, many sites are only businesses that collect personal information and sell it to multiple agents for profit. If consumers stumble upon non-agency mass marketing businesses such as these, they can expect to receive several calls and e-mails. This can be very frustrating for someone who is looking only to compare plans while possibly speaking with one or two agents.

Many Websites Only Want Your Personal Information

The reality is that a few “technology” companies have produced several optimized websites designed specifically to collect personal information. The sites are not owned by insurance agents or agencies. Selling leads to agents can be very profitable for these groups. Most agents do not have the resources or know how to compete with such technology. Thus, agents purchase the leads and work hard to win your business.

The consumer usually looses in this type of situation. Most consumers will become very annoyed when their phone is ringing off the hook and their email is full of unwanted messages. Those in need of  health  insurance might grow so aggravated, that they could choose not to purchase a  health  coverage right away. Thus, they may not get the insurance they need.

A Solution for Consumers

The principals of Hyers and Associates have tried to ease the process for those in need  health  insurance quotes in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. They have provided online links where consumers can anonymously search quotes with many of the major  health  insurance carriers – including Aetna, Anthem, Assurant, United  Health  Care or Golden Rule. Shoppers can view several plans, quotes, coverage options and brochures without disclosing their personal information. Once they are ready, buyers can then speak to an agent and learn more about their plan preferences and enrollment procedures.

Source by Adam Hyers

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