The Personal Side of Art


There are many reasons to buy  art . You may want to decorate your home, buy a special present for someone who loves  art , or you might be an independent collector and just wish to invest in  art . Some people buy  art  because they think owning it will improve their social standing. Some people buy  art  because it reflects their values or philosophies of life. Regardless of your reasons for buying  art , the reason you buy certain  art  will be no doubt be personal.

When you buy  art , you will likely buy based on intuition. Certain pieces will evoke a feeling or a mood almost immediately upon viewing them. That feeling will either be good or bad. Studies indicate that  art  makes people feel a certain way and anyone who creates, views or collects  art  knows that is true.

An artist experiences their work differently than a collector; who experiences it differently than a gallery viewer. That is one of the reasons  art  is so interesting.  Art  can preserve memories and create dreams. A painting truly is worth 1,000 words. Buying  art  that makes you feel good feeds your spirit and makes you healthy.  Art  can reduce stress by adding to the beauty and tranquility of your environment and by projecting certain and appropriate moods.

 Art  is often important to individuals because it compliments existing surroundings or memorializes someone or something dear.  Art  can be healing, motivational, endearing or upsetting. It can move people to tears, to laughter or to rage. It is an outlet of expression void of words but deep in meaning and symbolism.

For some,  art  personifies strength and honor. Animals are a popular subject and certain animal artwork gives status to the owner, much like owning a fancy car would.  Art  as a means of pleasing the senses has undoubtedly been stimulating imagination and creativity for centuries. Meanings are often buried within symbols, colors and textures.

Civilizations, cultures and individuals use  art  as the depository of their history.  Art  makes people proud to live, work, and play where they do. They point to their museums, public monuments, and cultural institutions with pride, as they should.  Art  is a true storyteller of life through the ages.

No matter why you are buying  art , feeling and intuition will play a major role in your decision to buy any particular piece.

Source by Alberta Smith Johnson

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