The Secret of Hollywood


What do you imagine when you hear or read the word “Hollywood”? I immediately think “glamour”. Even before I consider film-making, or simply the place in America where it all happens, my mind produces a vision of huge houses, big cars, and stars in luxurious dresses and expensive suits on the red carpet on Oscar night. And I wonder how Hollywood became “the factory of dreams”.

The beginnings of the film-making industry were not easy, and the main concerns were practical business issues such as unreliable technology and the hard search for money. For the first few decades of the 20th century movies were silent, and the cinema was thought to be nothing more than a passing craze which would never become a serious art form. But even when the “talkies” began and audience could hear actors speaking, there were still many people who refused to take movies seriously. They thought films could never be as meaningful and realistic as a theatrical performance.

In its early days the film industry had to struggle with technical problems, poor artistic quality and critical disapproval. However, the cinema was a new powerful medium of communication able to send pictures to faraway places and popularize people and ideas more quickly and efficiently than the theatre ever could. And so before long it had become something special and Hollywood stars were icons of popular culture, famous around the world.

Films, of course, were being made in other parts of world, and yet it was only Hollywood that found the universal recipe for huge financial success. As one critic said, Hollywood movies began to sell people their own dreams and nightmares.

Source by Eldath Mon

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