The Simpson’s Movie – As Good As The Show?


The Simpson’s are the longest running animated cartoon series, and one of the most well known and funniest cartoons. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for me in this movie, and frankly, I think they should stick with TV. Their large ad campaign enticed me to watch, and actually, I couldn’t wait to see it. With 7-Elevens being called Kwik-E-Marts, and different products like generic coke be named Buzz Cola, every minute, a Simpsons commercial comes on. Except I found that the commercials were funnier than the actual movie! I saw the Spider Pig commercial so many times, that when it came on screen, my lips didn’t come close to a smile.

Truth be told, the parts chosen in the commercials, are the most irrelevant parts in the movie, and since the commercials make the movie seem random and funny, why wouldn’t you want to see it? If you want to see it though, don’t have high expectations coming in though, because the movie probably will disappoint you. After all, the cartoon series is great, why shouldn’t the movie be just as good? They made such a big ad campaign, and had a ton of promotions, their commercials were funny though random, and hello, it’s a Simpson’s Movie! I do find the beginning of the movie rather ironic, where the Simpson’s family are sitting in the movie theater watching an Itchy and Scratchy movie. Homer then stands up during the middle of the movie, and asks why they had to pay to see a movie that they could see for free on a movie. Then he goes on to say that everyone in that audience is a sucker, than he points at the screen, and says especially you! It’s funny, because at the end of the movie, you get out of your seat and stretch, reviewing the whole movie, and realize he is right, you are a sucker for watching this movie.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are a Simpson’s fan like me, go ahead and see it, but don’t cover up the fact that the movie wasn’t that great. The plot is pointless, it has nothing to do with the cartoon series “timeline”, and the movie doesn’t have much to offer except for the hype of Kwik-E-Marts opening up everywhere. I don’t want to leave this movie off on a bad note, so I want to congratulate the marketers and producers on a job well done, they got what they want, money. What else could they possibly want out of this movie? So if you want, go ahead and see the movie, who am I to tell you what to do. The only reason I can see why you should go to it, is because “everyone has seen it except you”. Now, if you don’t like it, I hate to say it, but I told you.

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