The Technology to Explore Your Mind


 Technology  has helped us in many unimaginable ways. It has helped us to move both physically and mentally faster which we never thought would be possible before. With  technology  our mind can be more than one place at a time. It can also travel to any particular place hundred times faster then without  technology . Such  technology , which enables our mind to travel and be at more than one place at a time, is called Mind  Technology .

Mind  technology  is rather a tricky  technology . The base of its existence depends on many other kinds of  technologies  like electricity and especially computers. A task that took ten days to complete can be now done in a day, because the hyper speed offered by  technology . With  technology  it is like you can travel in a supersonic jet than rather walking.

Even today there are many people who like to do things the natural way but hey, can you walk from North Pole to South Pole the natural way? You can, but it would take you a life time to complete the journey whereas if you’re using  technology  like train, plane and car you can probably finish the entire trip in few months. Most importantly, can you reach the deepest depths of the ocean without the use of  technology  or can you take a walk on the moon without  technology ? I think not, so it’s true then that  technology  has helped us in ways that were unimaginable before.

 Technology  comes with a strong appeal; we are attracted to it like a metal is attracted to another metal. We simply cannot get enough of  technology ; advancement in  technology  is seen everyday as humans unveil more and more knowledge.  Technology  in simple words can be described as an entity that evolved our lives making it easier and simple.

Of course, just because we now have options like planes and cars we should not quit walking or stop making use of our natural abilities. Anybody doing this is definitely making a very big mistake as our body needs motion and activity which is usually hindered from excessive use of  technology . Walking and exercising are two things which should be adopted in our daily life forever.

 Technology  is the result of man’s power to think and create innovative items. Like this,  technology  is reality is a part of nature. In fact, nature and  technology  are one. The sole difference existing between the two is the ability to use the items both the natural and unnatural way. Though at some point, even nature can be utilized in unnatural ways.

Man makes use of his mind to create  technology . It is also the other way round; man can use  technology  to further develop his mind. In a nutshell, it is the mind that develops  technology  and then it is the  technology  that assists in further development of the mind.

In 1976, a student having an IQ level of 126 and honors degree in mathematics went to his university doctor claiming to have cold. When medical checkup was done, the student was found to be a victim of hydrocephalus, a disease that reduces your brain size to no more than one millimeter and fills your skull with fluid. How can a person having such a tiny brain can have an IQ level as high as 126? This is because brain is not a warehouse. It is more like a medium used to keep the flow of communication of the body with the outside world and mind in not restricted to brain only. If there is an issue with the brain, your mind can still function and maintain the communication with the body and the outside world.

This is why mind has been claimed as  technology . We think from our mind and do extraordinary things, like sharpening our sixth sense and predicting future. The simplest use one can make of his mind is to invent new and innovative  technology .

Source by Henry Jeon

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