The Top Five Empowering Films for Women


Women often want to watch movies that show off the strength of femininity, especially since most movies focus on men and how they live, work, and play in society. The goal of a good empowering movie is to make women proud of who they are, their gender, and how far the female gender has come against adversity. Women in these movies overcome stereotypes; they are no longer a damsel in distress or someone who needs help from a man in order to succeed. Empowering films like these celebrate women for who they are-they discuss social issues and how women overcome these issues to become stronger and important parts of society on a political level. These five movies are sure to leave women feeling strong and powerful when they walk out of the theater or stop the DVD during the credits.

The Color Purple (1985)

“The Color Purple” is a movie about black women in American society shortly after the end of slavery. Based on a book of the same name, the movie concentrates on the history of black women in this dangerous time and the reality of the situations they were placed in. The women of that time had so many things to accomplish, whether it was overcoming the expectation of being less important than white people or being placed in arranged marriages. The movie is spectacular because it shows how women overcome these problems and survive the worst situations that could possibly occur.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

This movie is the perfect chick flick, providing the audience with a story of love, loss, tragedy and disappointment. The story follows a group of southern women who stick together through thick and thin, which just goes to show how anyone can face life’s problems with a good group of friends. Although it is a tear-jerker, it has moments of laughter and energy that shows the true spirit of those who work to overcome difficult times.

Gorillas in the Mist (1988)

For those who love animals, this movie is sure to be an eye-catcher. The story is about zoologist and primatologist Dian Fossey, who chooses to live in the Rwandan jungle to spend 18 years studying gorillas. Few women had ever done the things she has in life, and although the movie ends in her unsolved murder, it is empowering to know that she built her own life and lived it the way she wanted. The movie also explored the way humans can live peacefully with primates and how the primate social structure is built.

Aliens (1986)

For sci-fi fantasy lovers, “Aliens” is about as classic as it gets. Sigourney Weaver plays the female lead, a strong independent woman who is a gunslinger and worthy opponent to others of any gender or species. She is the major actress in the film, so you can see how even men who think they are the best of the best will realize her ability to kick their butts. The movie, while obviously fantasy, still shows conviction in the face of fear, her fierce loyalty, and the ability for women to be strong (even to learn intense weaponry and to blast aliens to dust).

9 to 5 (1980)

“9 to 5” is an older film, but it still holds true to the theme of feminine strength. With Jane Fonda as the leading women’s role, she plays a woman who enters the workforce after her husband leaves her for another woman. Lily Tomlin plays an office manager who is not given a promotion simply for being a woman, and Dolly Parton plays a secretary who is constantly being chased by her male boss for her strikingly good looks. The story goes on to make the three work together, allowing them to take their boss hostage and to make their company perform much better than when the men were in charge. The movie is a comedy, so it provides laughs and a happy ending that will leave audience members happy with the outcome. It just shows how strong a force women can be when they work together.

These five movies have something for everyone, whether you want to watch sci-fi or a comedy. Women can feel stronger and empowered by the strong female leads in the films that provide an outlook of how women can take the lead and live their lives with strength and conviction. Strong female roles aren’t as common as they should be on the silver screen, so watching a movie where a woman takes the lead can be invigorating.

Source by Zack Mandell

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