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Sick of the normal BBQ’s? Then why not give your BBQ’s a theme! BBQ’s are perfect for adding a theme too as you are with family and friends who are there to have a good time. Add some variety and turn your everyday BBQ’s into BBQ’s people will remember. Below we have compiled a list of themed BBQ ideas to help you on your way:

Hawaiian BBQ’s

Hawaii is the island of sun, surf, surfing and sharing so why not bring a bit of that to your own backyard BBQ’s? Decorate your home or backyard with old surfboards, summer floral arrangements, palm trees (real or fake), raffia and get the summertime music playing (think Beach Boys). Make sure BBQ guests are dressed for the occasion, so there should be plenty of Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, flower leis and strategically placed coconut shells. Fresh fruit and coconut drinks are definite menu items but when it comes to Hawaiian BBQ’s the BBQ is the perfect food preparation surface. Some Hawaiian BBQ suggestions for food include:

– BBQ hamsteaks with pineapple

– Macadamia nut crusted chicken and honey mustard dip

– Char siu pork (this is a favourite amongst Hawaiians)

– BBQed fish

– BBQed Kebabs

Accompany each of these summer inspired dishes with lots of fresh salads and cold drinks and you’ll forget all those boring BBQ’s from the past.

Wild West BBQ’s

Wild West BBQ’s should be inspired by John Wayne movies, games of cowboys and Indians and a bygone era that is great fun to replicate. If you choose a wild west theme for your next BBQ’s then make sure there are plenty of cowboy hats, costumes (e.g. cowboys, Indians, sheriff, dancing girls, the bartender, the barber), straw, hay bales (make your own by gluing hay onto cardboard boxes), tee-pees, cactus plants and don’t forget the wanted posters (use your friends faces to make them more interesting). Wild West BBQ’s are a great excuse for eating lots of tasty BBQ food, for example:

– Sausages and steaks are perfect western foods

– Fried food, e.g. chicken, hash browns, grits

– Have a pot of chili, baked beans or a stew simmering away on your BBQ’s wok burner

– Bake a damper on your BBQ and serve with dip

– Bake potatoes on your BBQ by washing them and wrapping them in foil

– Hamburgers and hot dogs are also perfect, as long as they’re served with lots of chilli and BBQ sauce

– For dessert why not create something with Wagon Wheels – perfect for all Wild West BBQ’s.

Hollywood BBQ’s

When you think of Hollywood you think of style, glamour, the rich and famous, paparazzi, jewels and more so why not treat your friends and family to a Hollywood inspired BBQ. Hollywood BBQ’s should be formal events where everyone dresses in their finest clothes. Decorate your home with lots of twinkling lights, table displays and don’t forget the red carpet.

Hollywood BBQ’s are perfect for games where the winner gets a fake award and must give an acceptance speech. Games that work well are singing competitions, celebrity head or best red carpet walk. Spoil your guests with finger food from the BBQ, including:

– Gourmet BBQ pizzas

– Mini sausages

– Mini steak sandwiches

– Mini hotdogs

– Mini hamburgers

– Mini fish pieces served with wasabi mayonnaise

– Gourmet kebabs

To finish your Hollywood BBQ why not serve guests chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

Christmas in July BBQ’s

Everybody loves Christmas so why not celebrate twice a year by having Christmas in July BBQ’s and celebrate your very own white (or at least winter) Christmas. BBQ’s in winter are great, as they allow you to take advantage of a BBQ’s many capabilities, e.g. roasting, slow cooking, smoking. Decorate your BBQ’s area as though it’s Christmas. Your BBQ can act as a communal fire where guests come to warm up while they’re waiting for the food. Play Christmas carols and maybe have Secret Santa so that everyone receives a small gift. Australian Christmas BBQ’s are usually full of seafood, salads, cold meats and sausages and steaks so Christmas BBQ’s in July are perfect for:

– Roasted meats

– Turkey steak burgers

– Stuffed pork roll

– BBQed corn

– BBQ Apple pie

– Roasted chestnuts

– Glazed cooked ham

– Roasted vegetables

BBQ’s with friends and family are always a good idea, so why not put a twist on your normal BBQ’s with a Christmas inspired get together.

Pool Party BBQ’s

Pool Party BBQ’s are very similar to normal BBQ’s except there is a swimming pool. So what do you do if you don’t have a swimming pool? Improvise. Inflatable pools, water slides, sprinklers, hoses and buckets of water are all great substitutes to a pool. Pool Party BBQ’s are great for kids and adults and can include a variety of summer inspired foods including:

– Hot dogs for the kids

– BBQed Seafood kebabs

– Chicken burgers, fish burgers, Thai burgers and hamburgers

– Kebabs, e.g. chicken, pineapple and haloumi

– Macadamia crusted fish

– Coconut prawns served with mango salsa (use your BBQ’s wok burner to deep fry)

– Fried banana splits

– Apple, pineapple, banana fritters with ice-cream

Source by Vickey Parchani

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