TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Dry Mouth Lozenges, Sugar Free, Mandarin Mint Flavor, 100 Count


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TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenge
TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges – Instantly start to relieve your dry mouth with our unique, tingling lozenge. Great for fresh breath too!

Dry mouth happens for a lot of reasons including age, diet, and medication. Dry mouth can also be bad for you – saliva is there to keep germs from entering your body through the nose and mouth. Without healthy saliva, you can be less resistant to various bugs.

TheraBreath Dry Mouth Lozenges instantly go to work to stop dry mouth. Our natural formula uses an extract from a tropical fruit to stimulate your mouth with a mild, pleasant tingle. Just use a lozenge any time your mouth feels dry to restore healthy mouth moisture and freshen your breath. Plus, the mandarin mint flavor tastes great.

Approved for Diabetic Use
Committed to a Green Planet
Certified Kosher

Not Tested on Animals
No Artificial Flavors
Made in USA

Millions of TheraBreath Dry Mouth lozenge users agree – these lozenges are incredibly effective at reducing unpleasant mouth dryness.

What Makes TheraBreath Different?

TheraBreath was created by Dr Harold Katz, a UCLA Dentist and Bacteriologist, for his school-age daughter. She was being teased and bullied at school for her breath and he wanted to give her back her confidence. He decided to take a new approach to cleaner teeth and fresher breath by using the natural power of Oxygen to attack hostile germs that live inside the mouth. After extensive clinical trial the TheraBreath formula came to pharmacies, dental offices, and drug stores and has quickly become one of America’s best-selling specialty oral care brands.

TheraBreath products are manufactured to strict clinical standards. Our lozenges are certified as following:
Vegetarian/Vegan; Gluten Free; Alcohol Free; Free of Artificial Flavors and Colors; Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Kosher; Diabetic Safe; Cruelty Free/Not tested on animals; GMO Free

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  • Get rid of dry mouth instantly
  • Natural active ingredients to stop dry mouth and freshen breath
  • No artificial flavors or colors, Gluten Free, Vegan, GMO Free, Kosher
  • Try our Lozenges – we guarantee you have never experienced a mint like this
Our Guarantee

Every TheraBreath product is guaranteed to be the most effective oral care product you have ever used.

Lozenges work in three distinct stages to make sure your mouth is fresh, moist, and healthy
Try our Lozenges – we guarantee you have never experienced a mint like this
Get rid of dry mouth instantly
Now available without prescription
All natural and certified kosher

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