Therapeutic Neck & Shoulder Relaxer – Relieves Tension and Provides Support


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Our neck relaxer helps release neck, back, spine and shoulder tension from long-term issues as well as general tension
The foam padding cushions the back of your head and neck, taking all pressure off and providing a massage feeling
During use you will feel the tightness and pressure in your head and neck vanish. Kinks and knots in your shoulders, back, and spine vanish, allowing you to unwind

Features of our neck relaxer:

  • 10-20 minutes of daily use reduces pain in the long-term
  • Highly effective for those who suffer from chronic pain in the head, neck, back or shoulders
  • Also helps with pinched nerves, bulging discs, arthritis, bone spurs, and TMJ.
  • Very lightweight- can be taken as a carry on for flights or car rides
  • Comfortable foam padding provides comfort for upper areas of your body
  • Lifted base provides a feeling of deep relaxation
  • ✅ Provides superior relief for your neck, shoulders, back and spine
    ✅ Highly effective at reducing pain, kinks, and other stress in muscles, joints, and bones
    ✅ Works for people of all sizes
    ✅ Very lightweight but sturdy when used
    ✅ Can be used in bed, on floor, in a car/plane, or at work

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