Things to Consider When Writing a Cover Letter


Many experienced financial advisor recruiters would say: The key to landing the job you really want starts with writing a good cover letter. To do this, you need to create one that prospective employers will actually read. If you’re wondering how you would go about with this, please read this article to learn about you what need to consider when writing an application letter.

This written communication signifies your intent and request to join a particular organization. It serves as an introduction to your education and employment backgrounds as well as other personal attributes, which are all given in detail in your curriculum vitae.

This letters needs to be brief and concise, but more importantly, it has to be compelling to gain and maintain the attention of its readers. Also, it is vital that the letter is not too long, because they might become bored or disinterested after reading a couple of sentences or lines.

Producing this crucial application document requires good storytelling skills, concise writing, and a good grasp of sentence cohesion and grammar. Yes, it can be pretty tough too, because you have to write all that you need to say in just a few words or sentences. Thus, it requires a right blend of art and science to put together your story without relevance getting lost in the process.

Preparing this written correspondence is somewhat formulaic. Most of the time, these documents follow a certain structure, as such:

Dear [Representative of the Employer],

I would like to apply as a [job position] at [company department]. I have come to know about this position [from print, TV, radio, or Internet media]. With my skills and experience, I believe I am qualified for the job.

I am [state educational background, relevant work experience, and personal attributes that the company might find as desirable]. Attached are my curriculum vitae and resulting portfolio.

You can reach me at [state contact information]. I look forward to hearing from you soon and speak with you about what I can offer to the company.

Respectfully yours,


The foregoing letter is pretty much in standard form. As such, most prospective employers would see it as unoriginal and imitative. There is nothing in it that would capture the wonder and interest of its readers.

To effectively convey what you need to say in your communication to a prospective employer, you need to avoid this generic and overused template. The key is to make a compelling narration and keep them interested in what you do and what you have to offer. With that, there is a huge chance that you will stand out from the crowd.

For starters, you need to know your audience. Do a little reconnaissance work about the company you are applying. Craft your message after taking into consideration what the employer needs and wants. Share your thoughts too as to what made you excited about joining their firm.

It is also important that you reveal who you are, and not portray yourself as someone you are not. Lying in your written communication by presenting yourself as the ideal employee could only backfire on you. Honesty will pay off. Give the company a real reason to want to hire.

Don’t just tell them; show them your best. Demonstrate that you are highly capable, smart, and would fit in with their culture. You can do this by giving them a look back on your previous work experiences or job history; reveal the highlights that made you feel proud of what you have accomplished.

Source by Genie Fletcher

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