Thinking of Starting an Online Business – But How?


Are you thinking of starting an online business but unsure how to begin? Here are a few pointers to help you. Today 1,670,000,000 people are searching Google for ideas or ways to “start an online business”. Are you one of these searchers? Online marketing is becoming a very popular way of earning extra cash and your business can be grown to whatever level you require, dependent on time and effort invested. There are mum’s working part-time and millionaires in the industry, there is room for all.

Depending on your experience level, beginning with a mentor gives you an easier start. Affiliate marketing is a simple way of beginning online and with the guidance of mentor you will work to a tried and tested plan; products will be provided together with sales pages, and training. This enables you to start earning quicker whilst you still learning, whereas if you work alone you have all these things to master before you start earning.

So here are some suggestions that will build your business successfully with or without a mentor: (If you work with a mentor building a list can come later, but you will still have to find customers, and learn marketing techniques)

Find a niche you are passionate about and want to learn more.

Find and research an affiliate program you feel passionate about.

Built your List, with paid / unpaid traffic

Gain the trust of your visitors, be fair and honest.

Give more value than they expect.

Don’t waste yours, or others time, make articles interesting and useful.

Don’t hard sell.

Honor all requests to unsubscribe

Find other products, for your happy customers in the same Niche.

When one Niche is working well, repeat with another Niche.

Grow your business, small seeds develop into strong trees, use this as a model for your business.

An online business, although a bit frustrating at times when you are learning new techniques is very rewarding. Like anything new you need to invest time to reach success; but the satisfaction and financial rewards are great. The fact you are creating a business in your spare-time gives great satisfaction. It won’t happen overnight, but certainly worth the effort.

So make 2016 a year to remember, and make this your new hobby.

Books to Get You started:

“Ask for the Moon and Get It!” by Percy Ross

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

“Speed Reading and Speed Memory” by Tony Bazan

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers.

99Ways to flood Your Website With Traffic” by Mick Macro

“500 Social Media Marketing Tips” By Andrew Macarthy

“Turn your computer into a money Machine” by Avery Breyer

“Microsoft Windows 8 Made Easy” by James Stables

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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