Tips for Earning Medical Scholarships


The healthcare industry is booming. From nursing assistants to occupational therapists to doctors and emergency responders, there is a shortage of healthcare professionals. More and more students are answering the call to go to school for training and degrees in the medical field. One way that students can pay for this education is through medical scholarships. The field is competitive. For students trying to find a way to get ahead, here are some tips to consider when filling out applications for college scholarships.


Medical school, nursing programs and emergency medical technician training requires an affinity for science and an understanding of biology, chemistry and anatomy. While these things are all learned in specialized schooling, aspiring students should have strong grades in math and science. Health class is another factor where a student can excel and impress scholarship committees.

Test Scores

Most colleges and universities have a minimum level for college board test scores. While the mathematics and science portions should be high, the reading and verbal are also important. Those who can’t communicate well with others may be challenged when assessing a patient’s needs or communicating treatment to fellow medical team members.


Students with an interest in the medical field need to start building their resume early. Membership to the Red Cross club in high school, volunteering at the local hospital and taking elective classes geared toward health and science are helpful. Showing an interest in that career path can’t start too early. Grace under pressure and the ability to think on their feet are important qualities for would-be scholarship recipients.


One of the biggest mistakes that students make when applying for medical scholarships is that they fail to follow directions. Students not following the guidelines will be eclipsed by their competitors who do. Carefully read the questions and answers. Answer them carefully and fully. Don’t leave anything blank. When it comes to the essay, potential scholarship winners are those who express themselves clearly and honestly. Spelling and grammar do count. Guidelines for the number of words and subject matter are equally important. The most critical element to being in the running for an award is to meet the application deadline. Anything received late will not be considered. Most committees will not even look at a late application, viewing it as a sign of disorganization or lack of interest.

When applying for medical scholarships, students should take the time to fill them out fully and carefully. They should also apply for any and all grants and financial awards where they meet the basic requirements. It is possible to earn financial assistance from more than one source. It is also possible that none of them will come through. Planning ahead and providing all necessary information will help those interested in a healthcare career to earn the interest and awards from a college scholarship committee.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords

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